Pasqua Wines & Saatchi Gallery’s Eco-Art ‘Metamorphosis’

17 Jun, 2024

On Wednesday, May 29th, the award-winning Italian winery Pasqua organised a Private View of the new group show, ‘Metamorphosis: Innovation in Eco-photography & Film,’ at the renowned Saatchi Gallery. The show offered an inspiring convergence of art and sustainability, complemented by exquisite wines from Pasqua.


An Exhibition of Sustainable Innovation

‘Metamorphosis’ highlighted diverse artistic approaches aimed at promoting sustainable practices. This event marked Pasqua’s most significant partnership with a major arts institution outside of Italy, showcasing the winery’s dedication to fostering creative and environmentally conscious collaborations.


Since 2018, Pasqua has spent over €5.1 million on artist partnerships, cultural programs, and patronage, mainly in Italy. Pasqua boldly expanded their creative involvement with this show and revealed their dedication to globally promoting cutting-edge and environmentally friendly artistic methods.

Metamorphosis event

Featured Artists

The exhibition featured the works of four UK-based artists, each bringing a unique perspective to the theme of eco-consciousness:

Almudena Romero

A British-Spanish visual artist and a recent resident at the Sarabande Foundation, Romero’s practice explored the role of artists in addressing the environmental crisis, pushing the boundaries of photography as a medium for creative expression.

Edd Carr

Leader of the Sustainable Darkroom, Carr used moving images to depict responses to ecological challenges. His collaborations with notable brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Adidas reflected his innovative approach to sustainability in art.

Hannah Fletcher

Founder of the Sustainable Darkroom, Fletcher is a London-based artist who integrated waste materials into her photographic explorations, demonstrating a commitment to environmentally friendly art practices.

Scott Hunter

A multidisciplinary artist involved in experimental photography and ecological research, Hunter’s work had been exhibited globally, with recent shows in Japan and New York City.

Pasqua wines

Ricardo Pasqua, CEO of Pasqua Wines, attended the event, highlighting the winery’s commitment to sustainable practices and the arts. This event represented a significant milestone for Pasqua as it expanded its cultural influence beyond Italy, fostering a global dialogue on sustainability and innovation in the arts.


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