Axia Spirit: A Liquid Odyssey

16 Aug, 2023

A Spirited Introduction: Rediscovering the World through Axia

As a traveler whose passport collects stamps from the finest vineyards and wineries, it’s time to shift your focus to a new kind of adventure – one that unfolds within your glass. Enter Axia Spirit, a Greek revelation that’s poised to redefine your drinking experiences. Join us on an engaging, insightful journey as we delve into the essence of Axia Spirit: a Liquid Odyssey, born from Greece’s vibrant culture and captivating flavors.

Mastiha’s Legacy: A Taste of Greek Tradition and Modern Alchemy

Mastiha may not have crossed your palate before, but in Greece, it’s an iconic legend. Originating from the resin of mastic trees found on Chios Island, Mastiha has long been known as a traditional sweet liqueur. Picture it as that quirky cousin you met on a holiday, an eccentric flavor souvenir that remained unexplored on your liquor shelf.

Axia Spirit: Breaking Boundaries and Crafting a New Narrative

Here’s the twist – meet Axia Spirit, the game-changer of the Mastiha clan. Where the conventional versions lean toward sweetness, Axia takes a daring detour. Imagine an extra-dry spirit reminiscent of gin, handcrafted from Mastiha resin harvested in southern Chios. If traditional Mastiha were a soothing ballad, Axia would be the lively dance track that sets the stage on fire.

Distillers work their magic with water, alcohol, and the precious Mastiha crystal, extracting pure essence and crafting a higher ABV delight. Compered to traditional mastic spirits versions, Axia flaunts its authenticity, stripping away sugar to reveal the unadulterated taste of Greece.

The spirit’s allure swept through the world of mixology, embraced by the crème de la crème of bartenders. The likes of The Clumsies, and many of the top 50 Bars in the world have Axia splashed across their menus, where mixologists experiment and create. This isn’t a mere addition; it is a transformation. Axia bridges the gap between the ages, connecting ancient heritage to modern flair.

Journey to the Heart of Chios: From Grove to Glass

As we venture into Chios, we find ourselves surrounded by mastic groves, where mastic trees guard their resin treasures. The intricate process involves delicate cuts on the bark, coaxing the resin to crystallize and flow. So, these “tears of Chios” are meticulously collected, followed by an arduous sorting process, eventually culminating in the creation of Axia Spirit.

Axia’s Distillation: Where Tradition and Ingenuity Blend

Visualize sipping Axia straight as you would traditional Mastiha, or envision crafting cocktails akin to experimenting with gin or vodka. Axia embodies rebellion against norms. At Plomari Distillery in Lesvos, the Axia team embarked on an innovative journey. Navigating the challenges of working with mastic crystals and spirits production, they mastered the craft. Through maceration, double distillation, and other undisclosed techniques, they conjured the multifaceted, earthy, and refreshingly herbal essence that defines Axia.

Celebrating Unity: Axia’s Journey Across Continents

Axia Spirit has taken the stage, capturing the discerning tastes of the upscale bar scene. From the heartlands of Chios to the trendiest bars across the globe, Axia’s narrative celebrates the synergy of tradition and innovation. It’s a treasure cherished by Greeks across generations, now shared with the world. Whether you choose to enjoy it neat, embrace its botanical complexity, or create cocktails that dance to a new rhythm, Axia is a name that will resonate within the hearts of those who relish exceptional libations.

Try it in: AXIA TONIC – 50ml Axia and top it up with your favourite tonic. The garnish with rosemary, fresh berries or fruit, and enjoy your new favourite drink.

40% ABV, £32.95,

Pack your sense of curiosity, a dash of adventure, and a thirst for unparalleled flavor. Greece’s treasure trove awaits in a glass of Axia Spirit, inviting you on a liquid odyssey that’s equal parts heritage and modernity.

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