You know you are a WINO if…10 WINO definitions

24 Dec, 2012

For all the wine lovers out there – share or leave a comment if you are or know a keen WINO!

10 WINO definitions:

  1. You drink wine by the box

  2. You think that the opposite of the colour white is red

  3. Your wine cellar is the largest room in your house

  4. You think that raisins are a waste of a grape

  5. You spend more time thinking about wine than sex

  6. You drink a glass of wine as part of your daily diet

  7. Your glass is always half-empty, not half full

  8. You didn’t know that Burgundy was a colour

  9. You find yourself swirling the glass even if it’s water

  10. You wonder why so many people dislike the French 

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