Winerist at The Three Wine Men Event

19 Jul, 2013

The weekend of 6-7th of July was a most exciting one. Not only did we experience one of the hottest days of the year in London, but Andy Murray also won Wimbledon for the first time, making it extra special and most memorable.

Every year, the Three Wine Men events, led by renowned wine royalty Oz Clarke, Olly Smith and Tim Atkin, attract over 10,000 visitors who come to taste wines, amazing food and of course have a good time!

Winerist’s aim was not only to showcase the wines produced by our wineries and partners, but also to show that wine travel is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and authentic ways to travel. Through the wines of Priorat, Umbria, Istria and Moldova we took the visitors on a journey around these special wine regions.

Our crowded and fun table: tasting unique wines and learning about Wine Travel Made Simple!

We specially selected the 4 wineries we had previously visited, where we met the winemakers and had unforgettable wine travel experiences. Tim Atkin was truly impressed with the white wine from Purcari, whilst Oz Clarke committed to visiting the winery on his next visit to Moldova. We hope we can persuade to join us in 2014! What we showcased with the Moldovan wines is the surprising nature of unknown wine destinations. Our wine travellers always have a superb time visiting the renowned wine destinations of Bordeaux, Tuscany and Mendoza. But to be able to taste Moldovan wines and get a glimpse into the terroir, the climate and the flavours found in this region made the tasting that extra bit more special.

Croatian wines were also amongst the most popular wines, primarily because these wines are light, the whites delightfully crisp and the red well balanced, making them both perfect for food as well as enjoying on their own. The Croatian Riviera is such a spectacular place to visit. From boating to relaxing on a beach, to seafood in abundance and welcoming wineries, wine travel to this region is simple and memorable with Winerist.

Tim Atkin tasting the ‘Alb de Purcari’, a beautiful white blend from Moldova


Fun and wine with Oz Clarke


We would highly recommend visiting the wineries below.  After all, wines taste 100 times better at the source, in the cellar, vineyard or paired with the local food of the region!


Clos Figueras

The wines of Priorat are wines to be enjoyed with food. Wines from this region are rich, like the terroir of Priorat. Winemakers here are friendly and the region is most certainly one to watch.


This was the surprise of the weekend, with attendees wanting to know more about the region, the terroir and the wine travel experiences it offers (Moldova is coming to soon, but if you would like to know more about wineries to visit and places to stay, please contact us at

Fans of Purcari Wines


The Rubesco was one of the favourites. Attendees recognised and had visited Umbria with the landscape and the food being the things they enjoyed the most!

Trapan Wine Station

People were very surprised by the white wines – they were fresh and very easy to drink. A perfect wine for a summer day!  The two white wines displayed really well the difference between aging in an oak and acacia barrel. For all of those who had visited Croatia, this wine reminded them of the Croatian beaches and great weather!


We hope to see you soon on a Winerist wine holiday or meet you at Three Wine Men Events again! For more information about the wines we exhibited, purchase information and wine tourism offers please contact us at

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