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Wine Related Gifts to Give to Your Bridal Party

15 May, 2017

One thing is certain to carry you through the process of planning your wedding without too many hiccups, and that is your bridal party. You may not have thought to work bridal party gifts into your budget, but it’s a nice gesture to thank the people who have been there to support you since day one. What better way to relax after the wedding than with some wine? These gift ideas are sure to inspire whatever you choose to thank your bridal party with!

What You Should Spend

Depending on how late in the process you begin to think about what to give to your bridal party, you might not have a whole lot left in the bank to splurge with. Typically, the rule on what to spend on gifts is adjustable depending on your situation. How much did your friends spend to help you with the planning or the ceremony? How many people are in your bridal party? Will your maid of honor be included in this group?

Budget out a minimum of at least $50 to cover the whole group, and see what you can do from there. Not every person needs to get their own bottle of wine, so there are cute options you can use to lessen the cost of showing how grateful you are to each of your friends.

Make It a Keeper

The worst thing you can do is give everyone gifts that they end up forgetting on a shelf or throwing away entirely. There are a few questions to ask about your gift to make sure everyone keeps what they get for a long time afterward.

  • Would you want your gift? If you would open it and look for the nearest trash can, maybe it’s not a great idea to give to other people.

  • Will it fit their personalities? It’s hard to give a group gift, since people can be so different from each other, so if the majority of the group won’t enjoy it, try personalizing the gifts instead.

  • Does it serve a purpose? Most gifts that don’t will end up in the trash. Unless you want to see your planned-out gift at the next white elephant gift exchange, have the present serve a special purpose for the person you’re giving it to.

DIY Wine Labels

If you have a small bridal party, splurging on a bottle of wine (mini or otherwise) for each of your friends will make everyone have a winning gift. You can even make your own wine labels to personalize each one with a special note or nickname.

Wrap Those Bottles

This idea will be super cute with mini wine bottles. There are plenty of ways to wrap each wine bottle, whether that’s wrapping them in faux fur for a winter wedding, or making fun tags to hang off the bottle neck for a summer wedding.

Repurpose Your Recycling

You can even repurpose old wine bottles so your bridal party can use them as centerpieces. This is your best option for personalizing. Repurposed wine bottles can be made into almost anything, like a flowery centerpiece, a bird feeder or even a candy dispenser. Bridal party members will love the usefulness of this clever (and cheap) craft.


Wine themed gifts are fun to make and give to your friends to celebrate their hard work and love they’ve put into your wedding planning process. No matter what you decide your budget should be, there are lots of ways to incorporate a shared love of wine with the gifts you use to say thank you. And let’s be honest, your bridal party has earned it!

Photo credits: Nick Karvounis

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