Wine, Dine, Be Mine

31 Jan, 2013

Ciao Winerist!

This February we are proposing a different kind of LOVE, the love for WINE and FOOD. Wine, dine, be mine is about making you fall in love with our most special culinary and wine tours in Italy!

So swap busy restaurants and wine bars for Quaint, Flavoursome, Tannin-rich, Amore-filled holidays, right in the heart of Italy! Here the LOVE for food, wine and people is reinvented every day!


Unwind with Wine
Puglia, Italy 

A journey of wine, local flavours and history. This 5-night escape includes cellar tours, B&B stays for two and wine & food tastings.

Wine & Culinary Escape
Umbria, Italy

A relaxing wine & culinary escape stay at this wine & spa resort with a decadent 4-course dinner, spa indulgence and winery tours.


Escape to Apulian Flavours
Puglia, Italy

Beautiful private tours of Puglian heritages, wine tastings and a cookery class with a local chef with our special 3-night escape.

Wine & Spa Weekend 
Umbria, Italy

A decadent wine & spa hotel, perfect for a relaxing getaway: wine, treatments and candlelight dinners for two.

Bacchus delights in Trulli
Puglia, Italy

Embrace Puglian red wine in the land of Trulli: 3 nights at an eco-wellness B&B or masseria, tours with plenty of food & wine tastings!

Follow the Wine Trail
Umbria, Italy


Discover Todi & Monefalco with a Certified Sommelier. Vino, prosciutto, vino, pecorino, vino, bruschetta, vino, olive oil…BUONISSIMO!

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