04 Apr, 2017


With warmer weather comes cravings for lighter summery foods, and what’s more estival than seafood? More than that, what seafood isn’t enjoyed best with a wine? With there being so many options in both categories, it can be difficult to know what the best pairings would be. Never fear, we’re here to help you out with that! We’ve compiled a number of popular wine possibilities with an array of seafood favorites.


SPARKLING WINES: Bottom line, if you have no idea what to sip with your fish, sparkling wine is always the answer!

Wine and seafood pairing
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Wine and seafood pairing

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WHITE WINES: No seafood and wine pairing list would be complete without white wine. It’s arguably the most natural choice, but far from boring if you change it up from a zingy Sauvignon Blanc to a subtly oaked Chardonnay.

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Wine and seafood pairing

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Wine and seafood pairing

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ROSE WINES: Rosé wine, like seafood, is generally more popular in the warmer seasons making it an ideal choice for a number of seafood dishes. It’s also a great go to for the most indecisive of drinkers.

Wine and seafood pairing

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RED WINES: Red wine, really? That’s right! If you’ve never tried a light red with seafood, you should add it to you ‘to do’ list immediately. It’s not perfect for all seafood dishes, but is very satisfying with fish fare that has bold flavors and lots of spice.

Wine and seafood pairing

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