What’s On in October 2016 – Food and Wine Events Around the World

28 Sep, 2016

What’s happening in the vineyard?

The harvest season has started last August in the Northern Hemisphere, but the best is yet to come! October is the last month of this year’s peak harvest time, and it is indisputably the most beautiful period of the year. This season makes its mark on the wine-growing landscape. Vineyards look radiant as they shed the greens of warmer months for colourful yellows, red and burnt oranges of autumn.  Harvest season is so stunning and it deserves to be seen – check our weekly competition throughout October of the best harvest photos and vote for your favourite.

How can we classify the grape harvest season?

Early harvest: July to early August –  Typically grapes destined for sparkling wines as the acidity of the slightly unripe grapes, is the responsible of the pleasant freshness that we love in some sparkling wines.

Peak harvest: Late August to Early October – The majority of wines from the North Hemisphere harvest during this period, it is bustling with activity everywhere from the vineyard to the wineries. Typically starts with white wine grapes and end with red wine grapes.

Late harvest: Late October to December – The sugar concentration is higher so these grapes are usually used to produce special dessert wines such as the prestigious Sauternes and the Ice Wine.

We are still in the peak season, during this month harvest will take place in some of our favourite wine regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Food and wine festivals around the world focusing on the excitement of the annual grape harvest keep the tradition in full bloom. 

If you are a wine lover, you will love to watch the grapes being picked in the fields, from a cosy spot to take in the view over a delicious glass of wine, or why not experiencing it in first person picking the grapes yourself with your family and friends? There’s no better time to visit your favourite wine region!

Here is a list of what’s happening around the world in this exciting month.

What events are happening in October?


Fall Okanagan Wine Festival

Okanagan Valley

September 29th – October 9th 2016

A 10 day grape-harvest festival that takes place across the Okanagan Valley with a reputation for the superb wine experience it creates. It has great vineyard tours, seminars and advice on food pairing from professional local chefs. Don’t miss a lunch among the vines!

                                                                       More Canada!


Sonoma County Harvest Fair 

Santa Rosa, California 

September 30th – October 2nd 2016

Celebrate Wine Country harvest time with wine tasting and food pairings at the annual Sonoma County Harvest Fair. The Harvest Fair marks it’s 42nd year of showcasing the county’s grand harvest which continues to result in world-class wines, award winning beer and a plethora of culinary wealth. Last year, with over 26,000 votes, the Harvest Fair was voted the Best Annual Festival of Sonoma County. Each October, thirsty travelers are beckoned to Santa Rosa to participate in a complete farm to table experience, inspired by the county’s hard working farmers, ranchers, vintners and producers. The festival features vintages from more than 150 wineries, craft beer and cider tasting, food pairings, chef demonstrations, seminars by wines experts, and much more.

Pinot on the River

Healdsburg, California

October 23rd 2016


Join Pinot on the River for a fun filled weekend of Pinot Noir, in the beautiful Russian River Valley town of Healdsburg. With over 100 wineries plus guest Artisan Food Vendors all on the downtown Healdsburg Plaza Square,  it’s a Sonoma County wine weekend you won’t want to miss.

8th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Festival

Edgartown, MA

October 13th -16th 2016


Escape to the coastal seaport village of Edgartown to experience this food and wine event. For three days and four nights, guests will meet and learn from local farmers, fishermen and artisans, as well as visiting chefs and vintners from around the world. 



Kohler Food and Wine

Kohler, Wisconsin

October 20th-23rd 2016


Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn joins Food Network’s Aarón Sánchez and Amanda Freitag to headline the 16th annual Kohler Food & Wine, a four-day celebration of food and drink. The esteemed culinary festival – one of the Midwest’s preeminent epicurean events of the year – hosts a masterful lineup of celebrity and regional chefs, winemakers and libation specialists. Tickets are on sale at

                                                                  More USA!



National Wine Day Festival

October 1st-2nd 2016


This festival is an old tradition of Moldova when the fermentation of the new wine ends. A big celebration is organized, gathering all friends and family members at one table. The typical Moldovan food, its great wines, and traditional music, will make you feel the antique atmosphere or rural Moldova. This year Moldova is organising a different kind of festival, by taking tourists to the winery where you will be wined and dined in abundance. Transportation is free and the winemakers will be welcoming you in their cellars weekend.

                                                   More Moldova!


Harvest Fest


September 30th – October 2nd

Processions, traditional clothes and music – the town of Tokaj celebrates the Harvest Fest. Festivities throughout the weekend include winemakers and a market along the main street, as well as music in the main square, where popular Hungarian bands take the stage. This popular festival has been held since 1932 making it one of the longest continually-held in the wine region. For a more personal take, visit the winemakers at their cellars to taste the wines in situ. 

                                                                       More Hungary!


The Wine Show Chelsea


October 14th-16th 2016


The Chelsea Old Town Hall on the Kings Road will be the stage of this stunning Wine Show, which will showcase over 500 award-winning wines from around the globe.  The show embraces 3 halls; a central hall which will be dedicated to prestigious winemakers, allowing you to taste your way through leading Champagne houses and more special wines. The second hall will be dedicated to the Global Masters competition series, featuring a selection of international award-winning wines. While the final hall is dedicated to cutting-edge masterclasses on wines and spirits from Champagne to Cognac.

                                                                         More UK!


Fete du Vin Nouveau


October 1st-2nd 2016


On the route to Eguisheim in the north you will enjoy the village’s Wine Harvest Festival with its Queen election, its charming market, its concerts & traditional processions. Each day of the festival, new wine and grands crus are offered for paired with traditional food.

                                                        More Alsace!


Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre

October 5th-9th 2016


In the stunning city of Paris, every year all of Montmartre celebrates its traditional grape harvest festival in the animated streets of this picturesque district, is a joyous and convivial celebration that includes fireworks, guided visits to Montmartre’s vineyard, wine auctions, wine and food tastings and much more.

                                                          More Paris!

Rhone Valley 

Vendanges de l’Histoire

October 15th-16th 2016


A wonderful opportunity to return to old times. At the heart of the Côte du Rhône Gard, the small village of Chusclan plunges a weekend in the winemaking tradition of the early century. You will be part of the party atmosphere in the streets that will be invaded by Cote du Rhone wine lovers.

                                                                      More Rhone Valley!


Alba, Piedmont

International Alba White Truffle Fair

October 8th – November 27th


The powerful, distinctive and irresistible white truffle aroma will be everywhere in this Piedmont’s charming town, and it will not be hard to find a dish of delicious pasta or risotto featuring the honoured mushroom, the dream of every gourmet food lover. Alba is not only home of our beloved white truffle but is also home of the famous Nutella, Dolcetto d’Alba wine and more delicatessen. You can’t miss this experience as Alba’s truffle season is just few days per year!

                                                                         More Italy!

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