What’s On in August – Food and Wine Events Around the World

31 Jul, 2015

What’s happening in the vineyard?

August is the month of veraison (see below) when the grapes’ colour changes from green to purple or white to golden green. This is a beautiful time of the year in the vineyard marking the start of the ripening process.

August will be a fun-filled month for food and wine lovers. Various events are taking place around the world with summer written all over them for you to travel, sample new wines and  taste delicious food. Don’t forget the Albarino Wine Festival on 1-2 August and the Cabernet International day on 30! Another good reason to open a bottle or two and to brush up on your Albarino and Cabernet knowledge. Here is a list of what’s happening this month.

Veraison. Credit:

What events are happening in August?


Châteauneuf-du-Pape  – until 2nd August, 2015 – Fête médiévale du vin à Véraison


Three days of festivities will be animating the Châteauneuf-du-Pape area to celebrate the veraison (the period during which the grapes turn from brown to green and allow the flavours to develop). More than 200 comedians will transform the city like it was in the 14th century with wine tastings, a medieval market, knight’s tournaments and pitched battles.


Bayonne – until 2nd August, 2015 – Fêtes de Bayonne


Bayonne wouldn’t be Bayonne without this yearly celebration! Since 1932, the city welcomes thousands of food and wine lovers (and party goers) from 7 to 99 years old. All the participants have to wear a white outfit with a red scarf. Enjoy a full range of activities from bull races to traditional dance and local songs!

Alsace – 5 to 16 August, 2015 – Foire aux Vins de Colmar


The wine Fair in Colmar is a not-to-be-missed event for all Alsace wine lovers. You will be able to sample more than 1.500 wines (that’s a real challenge!) and enjoy a whole range of live concerts, parties and shows and taking place during the week. Famous International and French artists (like Charles Aznavour, David Guetta and Selah Sue) will be there to make this event unforgettable. A great way to meet winemakers and producers! Don’t miss the AperoVino taking place every evening where you will enjoy some local food whilst familiarizing yourself with a local grape variety!


Saumur – 5-6 August, 2015 – Les Grandes Tablées du Saumur-Champigny


More than 10.000 people are expected again this year in Saumur for this international food and wine event. Take a seat on the 2km long table and enjoy a traditional French dinner served with matching wines! A family atmosphere with winemakers and wine lovers.


Everywhere in Italy – 4 to 10 August, 2015 – Calici di Stelle


Heading to Italy this August? Don’t miss the Calici di Stelle (literally “a glass made out of stars”), one of the most important summer event taking place everywhere in the country. A large number of wineries from the Val d’Aosta to Sicilia will open their doors for you to sample their wines and visit their cellars. A not-to-be-missed event for professionals and wine enthusiasts! A large number of cultural events will be held.

La Morra– 30 August, 2015 – Mangialonga, walking and Food in Piedmont


Enjoy a 4km walk in the beautiful vineyards in La Morra! You will be able to taste wines and enjoy local delicacies.  Everybody is welcome to join in!


Valencia- 25 August, 2015 – Noche de la Zurra


La Noche de la Zurra (the night of music) celebrates the first pisada, (crushing by foot the first grapes). Locals and fortunate tourists go down the town following the charangas (small orchestras) and carrying botas de vino (wineskins). And why not take the opportunity to visit Valencia (it’s only a small hour away)?


Edinburgh foodies from 7-9 August 2015 and in Oxford South foodies from 29 -31 August, 2015 – Rioja Tapas Fantasticas  


Wish you could spend your weekend sipping Rioja wine and enjoying some delicious Spanish tapas under the british sun? The Rioja Tapas Fantasticas is on tour again this summer. Head to Edinburgh or Oxford South to enjoy a taste of Spanish culture!



Once again this year, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards will be hosting the annual California Wine Pairing Championships. MasterChef addicts, this event is made for you! Three reknown chefs must create a dish complementing two wines randomly chosen in the vineyard’s cellar.

California –  8 & 9 August, 2015 – California Wine Pairing Championships and Wine Club Weekend

Once again this year, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards will be hosting the annual California Wine Pairing Championships. MasterChef addicts, this event is made for you! Three reknown chefs must create a dish complementing two wines randomly chosen in the vineyard’s cellar.

California – 14 to 16 August, 2015 – Mammoth Wine Weekend

A whole weekend of culinary pleasures. The event starts with a five course meal prepared by chefs Mark Estee and Bobby Brown and paired with exceptional wines. The next day, a wine walk will take you through 20 different wineries pouring you a glass of their wines. End the week end with a delicious Champagne Brunch. And what’s best is that families with children are welcomed!


Los Angeles – 27 to 30th August, 2015 – 5th Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

Head to Los Angeles for this four- day event showcasing fine wines and fabulous international food.


Worldwide – International Beer Day – 7 August 2015


Founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz as a local celebration with friends and regulars, the Beer Day soon became a worldwide event celebrated in more than 200 countries. Gather all your friends and have your favourite beer, head down to your local pub or go pay a visit to your favorite beer maker. And why not try a foreign beer?



Stellenbosch –  Every Sundays until 30, August – Delheim Cheese Fondue & Jazz Sundays


This event is made for wine and cheese lovers! The historic Delheim Estate outside Stellenbosch wards off the winter blues with their popular Cheese Fondue & Jazz indulgences. Every guest will be offered a glass of Glühwein and will be able to taste their sublime fondue (made from a Swiss recipe with Emmental, Gruyere and white wine) at the sound of live music.



Brisbane, Queensland –  until 9 August, 2015 – Brisbane Good Food Month

What’s best than to discover the local culture than throughout food and wine? The Brisbane Good Food Month is the perfect way to discover Queensland and the region’s outstanding vineyards.


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