Fun with Wine

Vivino’s Top White Wine Styles Drank Around the World

17 Jan, 2015

Last week we revealed which red wines are most popular around the world. This week, thanks to our friends  at Vivino, we’re turning our attention to white wines! If you’ve ever wondered which countries you’d be best suited to, based on your white wine drinking habits, this is the infographic for you.

We’ve learnt…

    • In Europe they tend to stick to homegrown wines, although it’s the Brits who are drinking a mix of Old World and New World wines
    • Chilean wine has a strong presence in South America beyond Chile
    • New Zealand Sauvingnon Blanc is popular in all continents apart from South America

    Do these results match what you drink?

    Curious about which red wines are being consumed around the world? Find out here! 

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