Travelling Tips to Greece

08 Jul, 2015


With its warm summery days, it’s sublime historical heritage and its breathtaking beaches, Greece is expecting 25 million tourists this summer. But will the morose financial state of the country affect your holiday ? Here is what you need to know before leaving and why the crisis shouldn’t put you off.


Tourism represents 20% of the Greek’s GDP and employs 1 national out of 5. Alexis Tspiras’ government is doing everything in his power to welcome tourists the best possible way and make their stay trouble-free and comfortable despite the financial turmoil.


The restrictions set on cash withdrawals don’t apply to foreign nationals. Even though the government ensures that tourists will be able to withdraw money from cash dispensers, it is always safer to travel with enough cash. You can carry up to 10.000€ (11.000$) in cash within the Euro Zone without having to declare them to customs.


You may however want to take precautions and leave your money in a safe and only carry with you a sufficient amount for the day. To prevent a possible cash shortage, tourists will be able to pay their tickets to historical sites and tourist attractions with coupons.


If you decide to spend your holidays on the islands, tourists are even less threatened by the consequences of the financial crisis. So relax, grab your hat and your sun cream and enjoy this beautiful country!

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