Top 5 Things We Love About Priorat

22 Oct, 2014

Winerist Co-Founders, Diana and Tatiana, recently took a trip to Priorat with the boys from Catalunya Wine. From the amazing vineyards they visited to the delicious foods and wines that run abundant in this region their trip left them with no doubt that #PrioratIsWhereItsAt. What did they love most about Priorat? It’s too hard to decide on just one, so here are FIVE top reasons to visit!

1. FOOD – The abundance of fresh, organic fruit growing through the area is amazing, but it’s not just the fruit that’s winning. Everything you taste is unbeatable and we were treated to some pretty delicious meals.

2. PEOPLE – Whether it’s the producers from the small, boutique wineries or those world-famous producers, every person you meet is so open, warm and friendly.

3. UNSPOILT – Priorat’s untouched landscape is a marvel. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to detach from a hectic schedule or frantic lifestyle.

4. WINE – This probably goes without saying, but Priorat’s wines are one of our top reasons to fall in love with this region. Some people go as far as to say that these are the best wines from Spain!

5. ACCESSIBLE – Priorat is surprisingly easy to get to. You can fly straight into Reus International airport or you can make a day trip from Barcelona, enjoying a city break and a wine break all in one short holiday!

And the Bonus Card

CLOS FIGUERAS – This beautiful vineyard is making some of the best wines of the area. It’s a real highlight of Priorat and, with Winerist, you can organise a visit from just €15pp!

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