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Three Ways to Experience Bordeaux

15 Dec, 2015

One does not need to be a wine buff to take in all the wonderful wine travel experiences that Bordeaux has to offer.  Whether you’re looking to become a wine expert or wish to enjoy the charm and history of the village of Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux allows the wine traveler to experience and discover it in their own peculiar way – making for a perfect wine escape.

That said we’re introducing three varied Bourdeaux tours designed to make your wine travel experience truly unique and memorable.

How to become a wine connoisseur in one day

This wine tasting class allows you to learn wine tasting techniques, explore aromas, French wine varieties and understand the specifics of the entire Bourdeaux wine region in a small private group.  Including the sampling of 6 xquisite French wines, this lesson is perfect for the Winerists looking to perfect their wine knowledge in a friendly and informative environment. As a participant, you will be able to understand and define your own personal tastes.  A wonderful highlight at the end of the session is when, as a participant, you will get the opportunity to blend the different varietals – making your ideal vintage according to your personal tastes!

A charming way to enjoy the historic town of Saint-Émilion

Hop on a bicycle and enjoy this full-day tour of the UNESCO classified beautiful village of Saint-Émilion and its surroundings.  Starting at the center of Bourdeaux, you will make your way to Saint-Émilion in a short train ride, admiring the beauty of the French countryside.  The first stop is a delightful family run chateau where you will enjoy a wine tasting class, followed by lunch in the beautiful garden.

After visiting the inside of the chateau and the wine cellars, we’re hopping back on our bikes to ride through the vineyards of Saint-Émilion; taking in all of the gorgeous surroundings: the vineyards, the chateaux, the village in the background, and the nature!

Our second chateau is Chateaux Soutard, where we will enjoy a tour of the vineyards, the wine cellar, learn about the wine making process, and taste some wine!

Mid afternoon we’ve arrived at the charming village of Saint-Émilion.  After a guided walk through the streets of the village, we return to Bourdeaux.

An afternoon wine tour of Saint-Émilion

Another way to experience Saint-Émilion is through this afternoon wine tour. You will get to discover the fascinating village of Saint-Émilion as well as two beautiful chateaux.

The first chateau is one of the most prestigious chateaux in the region, overlooking the vineyards of Saint-Émilion. Here, after a welcome glass of wine, we will visit the chateau and learn about the entire wine making process.  The precision of the wine making process in this estate makes for beautiful wine – pairing perfectly with the beauty and aesthetic of the chateau and its surroundings. The visit wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the wines we just learned all about; enjoying other local delicacies as well: French bread, sausages, and cheese.

We will then head to the village and enjoy a guided tour of Saint-Émilion, a World Heritage site.  Dating back to medieval times, this delightful village is a unique gem in the region: from the history and beautiful architecture to the splendid wines and vineyards.

We have one more chateau stop before heading back to Bordeaux. An entirely new experience, this estate has been run by a family for several generations.  Discover the passion behind the family’s wine making process, walk though the vineyards, and learn about the region’s varietals. You will also get a chance to participate in a wine discovery workshop where you will learn about French wines and the way of life in this stunning wine region.  As is customary, the visit will end with a tasting of the estate’s wines, concluding an unforgettable afternoon in this beautiful region.

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