The Ultimate Luxury Tour of the Loire Valley

29 Jun, 2023

The Loire Valley is known as the “Garden of France,” a region brimming with enchanting châteaux, picturesque landscapes, a rich winemaking heritage and multiple options for gastronomic delights and elegant hotels, all of which make this the perfect destination for those wishing for a luxury wine trip. Renowned for its diverse terroirs, the Loire Valley produces a wide array of exceptional wines, ranging from the sweet, crisp whites, elegant reds, and marvellous sparkling. The signature grape of the region is Chenin Blanc, a versatile grape and can produce a range of styles, from dry to sweet. It yields wines with flavours of honey, quince, and a characteristic minerality, along with a balanced acidity. For those of you looking for the ultimate luxury tour of the Loire Valley we have picked our favourite itinerary from Paris which spans 5 glorious days exploring the regions best wines, food, castles and landscapes

Unveiling the Luxuries of the Loire Valley

Day 1 of your luxury Loire Valley tour: Loire Valley & Orléans

Your private tour to the Loire Valley begins with a warm welcome from your driver-guide picking you up from your hotel. Your first stop will be the captivating city of Orléans, known as the town of Joan of Arc. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the old town’s classic sights, including the iconic Sainte Croix cathedral, the Hôtel Groslot d’Orléans, and the Jeanne d’Arc house. Strolling through the city parks and you’ll be able to admire the splendid view over the Loire River.

Luxury Château hotels in the heart of the Loire Valley offer an enchanting experience. Set amidst expansive parklands, these properties provide refined elegance, gastronomic delights, and charmingly decorated bedrooms. You will have an unique experience staying in a Château and unwind in the serene ambiance. The evening is yours to savour this stunning place at leisure.

Loire Valley Orleans


Day 2 of your luxury Loire Valley tour – Châteaux Chenonceau & Villandry

Begin your regal adventure with your private guide to a visit to the legendary Chenonceau castle, named the Château des Dames, or ”Ladies’ Château”. Delight in exploring the captivating gardens, from the intricate Green Garden designed by Bernard Palissy to the enchanting Italian maze. Dive into the floral harmony of the gardens, where you could spend hours mesmerising their beauty.

Following the visit, indulge in a 1-hour floral workshop led by the castle’s “Master Craftsman of France” floral designer dedicated especially for your private tour. Witness the creation of exquisite floral compositions cultivated from the castle’s flower gardens.

In the afternoon, contemplate the magnificent Villandry castle and its world-renowned vegetable garden. Marvel at the colourful block-planted veggies, creating a breathtaking embroidery of living colours.

Short on time? We also have a full day tour of Chateaux and Winery available here

Loire Valley Chateau Villandry

Day 3 of your luxury Loire Valley tour – Cooking Class, Cruise and a Medieval Town

How about a full-day of culinary delights, cultural discoveries and the finest of wines in The Loire Valley? Your driver will guide you through the picturesque countryside of Chinon and experience a gourmet adventure with a cooking class in a beautiful charming country home. A friendly former Chef, passionate about the Loire and nature, will warmly welcome you. Explore the old farmhouse, visit the flower-filled vegetable garden enclosed by walls, and choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to prepare a delicious homemade meal together.

After savouring your culinary creations, proceed to a charming village on the banks of the Loire river and meet a winemaker, also a skipper of a traditional wooden boat. Embark on a 2-hour private river cruise, luxuriating in the breathtaking views of Montsoreau castle and the surrounding villages. Indulge in fine Loire Valley wines while enjoying the serenity of the river. Before ending the day, make a stop in the mediaeval town of Chinon, where right at the entrance, you will find a lovely family owned winery. Explore its cobbled streets, encounter pretty half-timbered houses, and marvel at the imposing castle, a fortress endowed with ramparts. A climb up the sloping path to the château rewards you with a fantastic view of the town and its surroundings.

Adventure Cruise

Day 4 of your luxury Loire Valley tour – Amboise, Wine and the Legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci

Commence the day with a tour of the Clos Lucé in Amboise, the last residence of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci. While visiting the house, you will gain profound insights into Da Vinci’s imagination and genius through displays of his inventions and creations.

Late in the morning, arrive at a beautiful château wine estate and be welcomed by the winemaker and his wife for a unique cellar visit. Immerse yourself in the winemaking process, followed by a wine tasting in the enchanting setting of their luxurious home, the Château, where the winemaker’s wife shares her love for art and showcases her own paintings.

Later, relish a gourmet picnic in the splendid gardens of the wine estate, surrounded by the idyllic vineyards. In the afternoon, continue your exploration with a visit to Amboise castle and a leisurely sightseeing tour of the picturesque little town. Alternatively, you can choose to visit a winery in another delightful wine tasting. Check out our top Loire valley wineries.

Loire Valley Amboise Winery

Day 5 of your luxury Loire Valley tour – Chambord, Blois, and Transfer back to Paris 

Conclude your Loire Valley luxury tour with a visit to the world-famous Chambord castle. This architectural masterpiece boasts an astounding 426 rooms, 282 chimneys, and a famous double revolution staircase, leaving a lasting impression of grandeur.

Make a stop in the charming town of Blois. Delight in the captivating view over the Loire River, have a delightful lunch paired with local wines in one of the high prestige restaurants, and soak in the enchanting atmosphere of this historic town.

On your way back to Paris, the memories filled with elegant Chateâux, premium cuisine and prestigious wines will be the first things in your mind when you think again about the Loire Valley.

Loire Valley Blois

Winerist offers The Ultimate Luxury Tour of the Loire Valley with a remarkable blend of refined indulgence and cultural immersion. Book now guided 5 days luxury experience in the Loire Valley and taste the finest of wines with the opulence of the region’s iconic châteaux, relish the flavours of exceptional wines, and bask in the timeless elegance of the Loire Valley. For those seeking a truly personalized experience, our concierge team is here to assist you in creating a tailor-made trip that perfectly aligns with your preferences and desires. Your dream luxury tour of the Loire Valley awaits.

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