The gadget no wine lover can do without!

27 Feb, 2018

Gone are the days of waiting for a really special occasion to pop the cork on your favourite bottles of wine, or hoping and praying that the wine you’ve been saving is perfectly aged! With the Coravin system you can now taste any bottle of wine, without getting out your corkscrew.

The best feature of this handy little gadget is that you can easily pour a single glass of wine without having to pull the cork on a bottle (and the worst is… you no longer have an excuse to drink the whole thing!)

Coravin System

The Coravin system uses a precision needle to pierce the cork, and allows you to pour a glass of wine, while the built in canister replaces the liquid with argon gas, perfectly preserving the rest of the wine. As you withdraw the needle, the cork reseals itself, and you can put the bottle back in your collection, ready for when you next fancy a taste! Invented by surgeon Greg Lambrecht, the Coravin is portable, easy to use, and designed for wine lovers.

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s Helena Nicklin (‘Winebird’) and Aidy Smith with a demonstration and 4 reasons why you need a Coravin:

To get your hands on one of these incredible systems, head to Coravin’s site, here.

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