The Best Wine Tasting Tours from Lyon

13 Jul, 2022

Find the best wine tasting tours and winery visits leaving from Lyon

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So you’ve arrived in Lyon, toured the city and its gastronomic delights and now you want to know which are the best wine tours leaving from Lyon, but how? Well, Lyon just happens to be in a prime position for accessing multiple wine regions and sub-regions including the Rhône Valley, the legendary Hermitage, the Côte Rotie hills, Beaujolais and more! Whether it’s a group or private tour with lunch and hotel pickups included, we have you covered. Get ready to discover the best wine tasting tours from Lyon!

Best best wine tasting tour from Lyon number 1:

Rhône Valley Wine and Cheese Tour from Lyon

This tour is a foodie and wine lover’s delight. Driving through the iconic Côte-Rôtie land and the Pilat Natural Regional Park your first stop on this wonderful tour takes you to one of the oldest vineyards in France. After a tour and tasting, you’ll visit a local producer of goat’s cheese. The Rigotte de Condrieu, a goats cheese with a subtle and fragrant taste, is a local specialty of the Northern Rhône Valley. After selecting some delicious cheese you’ll travel onwards to another winery where you’ll taste the cheese with local Northern Rhône wines. with you to pair with the wine of a winemaker nearby.

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Best Wine Tasting Tours from LyonBest wine tasting tour from Lyon number 2:

Northern Rhône Wine Tour From Lyon

To truly understand the origin of the exceptional wines of the Northern Rhône this wine tour from Lyon is just the ticket! Taking you to two Northern Rhône wineries for a wine tasting discovery of Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu wines, we love it as you even get to do a wine tasting amongst the vines. This wine tour departs Lyon and starts in the village of Ampuis, the cradle of Côte-Rôtie AOC before taking you onwards to the wine village of Condrieu, well known for its white wines.

During a tasting of 4 wines in the middle of the vineyards, you will understand the origin of this exceptional wine!

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Best wine tasting tour from Lyon number 3:

Wine Tasting Tour in Lyon Vineyards

Discover two wineries and the little gem of the AOC Coteaux du Lyonnais, while enjoying wine tastings of voluptuous red wines.

Only 20 minutes away from Lyon downtown, a not so well-known little gem, the AOC Coteaux du Lyonnais, is produced. This tour will take you from Lyon to explore the wonderful wineries of this area. Accompanied by your driver and local wine tour guide you will explore a very old vineyard, more than 2000 years and get to meet a young generation of winemakers during visits to two wineries. This wine tour includes a wine tasting of the AOC Coteaux du Lyonnais wines with their  voluptuous red wines with red fruits flavours and fresh white wines with citrus flavours.

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Best wine tasting tour from Lyon number 4:

Full-Day Northern Rhône Wine Tour From Lyon

By now you’ll know that the Rhône Valley is one of the easiest wine regions to get to from Lyon! This wine tour will pick you up from Lyon in the morning and take you south to the prestigious Côte-Rôtie vineyards. Strolling amongst them you will immediately be seduced by the magnificent view over the Rhône Valley and the steep hillsides of the vineyards. Of course no wine tour is complete without a wine tasting and this tour is not short on that. It includes a tasting of 5 to 6 different wine varieties, among them Saint-Joseph, Condrieu, and Côte-Rôtie AOC. The fabulous tour continues to Hermitage and to a local winery for a tasting of Hermitage and Croze-Hermitage. Salut!

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Best wine tasting tour from Lyon number 5:

Beaujolais Wine Tour From Lyon

This is a wonderful option if you want to do a half day wine tour from Lyon. Taking you to Southern Beaujolais the wine tour will introduce to the region with a wine tasting in the heart of the vineyards. Next, the tour takes you on to visit Oingt, a 12th century village listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France. Finally, the last stop of the tour is at a family owned winery, where after meeting the winemaker and touring the winery you’ll taste wines accompanied by a “mâchon”. This traditional snack from Lyons will offer you the chance to discover local cold meats and cheeses.

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Best  wine tasting tour from Lyon number 6:

Full-Day Beaujolais Wine Tour

If you’d like to spend a whole day in Beaujolais from Lyon then this tour is for you. It immerses you in the Beaujolais region and traverses the Crus route, visiting 2 wineries, tasting Beaujolais wines, and includes a delicious lunch. You’ll arrive back in Lyon a Beaujolais expert!

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Best wine tasting tour from Lyon number 7:

Gourmet Tour Of Les Halles Paul Bocuse, Lyon’s Silk District

For those of you wishing to stay in Lyon and explore the wine and gastronomy closer to home, this tour will delight your taste buds with cheese, charcuterie, chocolate, and wine.

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