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The Best Wine Hotels in the Douro Valley

25 Sep, 2018

A target destination for holidaying in Europe, Portugal offers sun, scenery and a rich history deeply rooted with viticulture. Celebrating the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Douro valley is a hot, tranquil and rustic wine region. Brimming with culture and personality, this region has something for everyone. For the fully immersive experience, these are the hotels you won’t want to miss:

Quinta de Guimarães

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Constructed in the 1700s on the right bank of the Douro river, this private manor house borders the Vinho Verde region. The Quinta, literally translated as ‘Farm’ in English, is home to a family who have been making wine on the estate for 7 generations. Characterful rooms overlook serene, vine coated hills. You are welcome to stay in the Apartment for a private, optionally self-catered experience, or in the Main House for a more pampered stay.

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Solar de Oura

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Submerged in nature in the heart of the countryside, Solar de Oura retains the character of 18th century local architecture with a modern touch of renovation from 2012. Calm and minimalist, the hotel has pockets and balconies where you can sit back and truly unwind. With a breakfast buffet available every morning, local dishes prepared by the restaurant and a barbecue where you can prepare your own dinner, you can revel in the excellent service and amenities as you make the hotel your own.

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Quinta da Ventuzela

A renovated farmhouse dating from the 17th century, the Quinta da Ventuzela is as picturesque as it gets. Featuring a small chapel, a fountain, a vegetable garden and a swimming pool, you can enjoy the views that roll across the region or throw yourself into hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities. This picturesque, friendly, rural mansion is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

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Casa de Vilarinho de S. Romão

Situated at a higher altitude, within reach of some of the Douro’s most famous landmarks, the climate here is less extreme with cooler summers and milder winters. Surrounded by vineyards and wineries offering tastings and featuring a number of scenic walks varying in difficulty, this charming manor is a wonderful base for exploring the Douro’s authenticity.

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Casa dos Varais

Rebuilt on the same ground that was invaded by Napoleon’s troops in the 1800s, Casa dos Varais is a property inherently defined by the vineyard for its identity. With viticulture historically running through the hotel, you can roam the orchards and rose gardens in this unique microcosm of accommodation. Taste the range, chat with the producer and explore the wine cellar. What more could any wine-lover ask for?

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Quinta da Veiga

Producer of quality dry table wines and fortified Ports, Quinta da Veiga operates in an area nestled between Régua and Pinhão. The manor is chic and comfortable, combining a personal style with a blend of traditionally Portuguese and Asian elements. Charming staff and breathtaking views make the hotel a very popular destination for touring the region at any time of the year.

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The Vintage House Hotel

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Positioned on the riverfront at the foot of terraced slopes, the range of facilities and activities in and around the Vintage House Hotel will keep your days filled before you wind down and explore some of the most reputed Portuguese labels featured on the hotel wine list. Easily accessible and far flung from urban rush, the Vintage House Hotel offers a touch of decadence if it’s luxury and style that you seek.

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Quinta do Vallado

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One of the oldest and most established Quintas in the Douro, this estate recently moved away  from selling their farm’s production to a third party and started vinifying, bottling and marketing their own-label wines. With tours of the state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips and tastings paired with local cuisine, this is the location to delve into your wine side. The stylish, modern hotel offers a swimming pool and plethora of local activities.

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