The Art of Wine & Culinary Excellency

15 Jun, 2023

Experience the Art of Wine and Culinary Excellency at Merois by Wolfgang Puck

Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, Merois by Wolfgang Puck is a culinary gem that combines artful cuisine, a vibrant ambiance, and a curated selection of wines. You can find Merois on Sunset Boulevard, aptly named for the sweeping city views over Los Angeles (literally taking dining to new heights) that can be taken in from any table! This sophisticated restaurant is the brainchild of renowned chef Wolfgang Puck whois known for his innovative and experimental approach to gastronomy, which is evident no matter which plate is placed before you. Merois is strongly influenced through Wolfgang Puck’s desire to provide impeccable service with culinary mastery which are all highlighted through a passion for wine; the ultimate haven for wine and culinary lovers. Taking inspiration from Japanese subtle sophistication in cuisine, combining with a creative Californian edge and seasoned with Southeast Asian flare – the final culmination never disappointing!

Impressed but not surprised

A comprehensive selection of wines ensures that guests can indulge in the perfect pairing for their culinary journey across the world and through time. Complementing the exquisite cuisine we have old-world classics and new-world discoveries that reflect thoughtful and meticulous work and passion being funnelled into the thirteen-page wine list at Merois. It is an adventure on its own as you read through the wines and regions captured in ink, always having the care of the sommelier available to steer your choices in the right direction to harmonise with your plate selection.

An grandiose cellar to tempt you

Merois houses some of the most prestigious and rare wines that are crafted for every occasion – feel tempted to open an exceptional (and difficult to find) 1997 vintage of Château d’Yquem, celebrate by indulging in a magnum or dip your toe into the world of Argentinian Malbec that is terroir-driven. No matter your choice, your tastebuds will be treated to the craft of the chef and style of the sommelier! A symphony between wine and food highlights the connection that Wolfgang Puck wants you to experience with every sip and bite – also enchanting all the senses with open-air dining and remarkable views.

Walking into the creative space, you can expect to experience the artistic flair and modern elegance that are at the forefront of design. An ambiance of gracefulness meets originality with intimate dining alcoves that cater to slowly sipping away on Champagne or shared tables to relish in the company of those enjoying life the same way as you – with a glass of wine in hand and curated culinary delights in front of you! At the centre stage of Merois is the cuisine crafted by the legend Wolfgang Puck himself with a fusion of global flavours and locally sourced ingredients.

Transported to the world of gastronomy

the work of art before you on the plate is tantalising you to dive further into the exploration of wine and cuisine. From perfectly charred octopus to ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ Japanese wagyu beef tartare, Merois crafts exceptional plates to harmonise with the wines on offer. Expert sommeliers, with the support of the West Hollywood Tourism Board, are eager to guide the flavours through the chef, into the dish, and ending on your tongue with perfectly paired wines to elevate your dining experience. This access to sommeliers allows you to further your passion into understanding the stories, the vineyards, and the winemakers behind the grapes being swirled in your glass. Work your way through different plates with different wines and regions as you embark on a sensory journey of the culinary world of Wolfgang Puck. A sweet tooth is always satisfied with an offer of molten chocolate soufflés, inspired by Basque cheesecake, and humbled with Chinese doughnuts – a taste for every palate! An extraordinary experience for both you and your tastebuds, with a beautiful setting allowing you to gaze upon the city as it morphs into midnight.

A culinary journey

Merois by Wolfgang Puck is a culinary destination in Los Angeles that seamlessly combines exceptional cuisine and a passion for wine. From the artful presentation of dishes to the meticulously curated wine list, every aspect of the dining experience at Merois is designed to delight the senses. Immerse yourself in the world of wine as you savour the sips between plates at Merois.
Plan your visit to West Hollywood and indulge in the culinary delights of Merois while exploring the vibrant city. With its diverse attractions, lively nightlife, and thriving cultural scene, West Hollywood has something for everyone. Visit the West Hollywood Tourism Board for more information on local attractions, events, and accommodations to make the most of your stay. Experience the unique fusion of culinary excellence and the charm of West Hollywood at Merois by Wolfgang Puck.



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