Taittinger: From One Generation to Another

16 Oct, 2019

Champagne Taittinger is one of the few modern Champagne houses which to this day is independently owned and operated by the family of the same name. Founded in 1734 by Jacques Fourneaux, Taittinger has over the last 250 years built an enviable reputation for quality, finesse and elegance in its portfolio of premium sparkling wines. From their significant vineyard holdings (they are the second largest vineyard owner in the Champagne region) to the amazing 4th century Roman cellars where the wines are matured, Taittinger’s approach is one that ensures the best possible quality at every stage from vine to bottle. 

Today, this historic Champagne house is moving from one generation to another as current president Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger reaffirms his family commitment to the business by passing the baton to his daughter, Vitalie Taittinger. Currently the Director of Marketing and Communication, Vitalie will succeed her father on 1st January 2020 and take the presidental reins to guide the House into the next phase of its development, aided by the current management committee and her brother Clovis Taittinger, who will take on the role of General Manager. 

Taittinger - From One Generation to Another, Winerist

Pierre-Emmanuel commentedI have dedicated more than 45 years of my life to Champagne and the House that bears our name and our history.  These last thirteen years have undoubtedly been the most effervescent, the most exhilarating of my career at Taittinger. In every possible way, I have been instrumental in ensuring the quality of our wines, whose consistency is a source of great joy to me. The results are beyond all expectations and Taittinger has never been so true to the values I uphold… Taittinger holds a genuine potential for development and now more than ever reflects the authenticity and excellence of our culture and heritage.’ 

Vitalie also shared her thoughts – ‘My Father, through his passion and boundless commitment over the last thirteen years, has built up a solid organization devoted to a very fine patrimonial and human project. We owe him the independence so fundamental to the identity of our House. Thanks to him and to the work of all concerned, Taittinger has grown considerably with an ever-increasing attention to the quality of our wines, the preservation of our environment, the respect of our partners and our customers… with always this touch of impertinence and audacity, just like the one that led us to go and plant vines at Domaine Evremond in Kent! With the support of Damien le Sueur, my brother Clovis and all our teams, we will carry on down this path. I am honoured by the trust placed in me and my wish is to see our House shine every day, for our employees, customers and partners’. 

It’s certain that this is an incredibly exciting time for both the Taittinger family and their business, and Taittinger fans the world over will continue to enjoy the highest standards of quality, excellence and respect which embody this iconic Champagne brand.

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