Sake for beginners at Sake No Hana, London

24 Jan, 2018

This week, Aidy Smith and I felt inspired by The Wine Show’s visit to a Sake brewery in Japan to go and have a little lesson of our own on this mysterious and delicious Japanese drink. We headed to one of the finest Japanese restaurants in London, Sake No Hana, to meet Sake expert Christine Parkinson, who explained the basics to us. We asked:

What is Sake and how is it made?

What are the different levels of quality of Sake, how are they achieved and what does that translate to in the taste?

Are there any do’s and don’t with Sake wine?

What are your favourite Sake food matches?

What is the difference between Koshu Sake  and Koshu Wine?

Want to know the answers? Watch this 5 minute video, then why not book at table at Sake No Hana? Mention ‘Winerist’ and groups of six get a free carafe of Sake!

HUGE thanks to Sake No Hana, Mayfair.

23 St James’s St,

 St. James’s,



sake no hana

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