Resurrected: The Last Drop Single Malt Glenrothes 1968

02 Oct, 2018

Finding unique and sought after wines and spirits are all a part of the game for The Last Drop and for their 12th limited edition release, and in honour of their 10th anniversary, they delivered. The esteemed Single Malt Glenrothes 1968 makes its debut to the public. Discovered by Whisky Tour deep within the celebrated Glenrothes Distillery, both casks were originally filled, then forgotten about, in 1968. Silently maturing for 50 years and yielding 309 bottles, each individual cask produced completely different profiles but both are united by quality.

The Last Drop Glenrothes Single Malt 1968 winerist.com
Photo Credit: lastdropdistillers.com

The nose brings floral and herbal notes to the fore, complemented by fruit, vanilla and woody undertones on the palate. Whichever cask you may be lucky enough to taste, or both if you strike the lottery, your palate will be pleasantly surprised by this half-century-old Single Malt. Each of those 309 bottles comes with a 50ml mini and a tasting book complete with blank pages for you to write your own tasting observations down, and those of a friend – if you can spare a glass…

RRP £5400

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