Perfect Summer Parties, Birthdays and Weddings in Wine Country – Part 1

13 Jul, 2014

Perfect Summer Parties – Organise them with Winerist!

We all have at some point in our lives felt the pressure of organising spectacular parties. Summer is probably the season to throw the best parties of our lives and wine regions are the perfect destination for these.  Here is some Winerist advice on how to organise and where to host birthdays, engagement parties and the wedding of your dreams.  

Great Gatsby Extravaganza – Villa Dianella

Villa Dianella is a small, charming and intimate bed and breakfast located in the Vinci area, birthplace of the genius Leonardo. The property is a beautiful Medicean house dating back to the XVI century, hidden in the relaxing landscape of the sweet rolling Tuscan hills kilometers away from Florence (20 min.) and Pisa (40 min.).

Each room is individually decorated with great care and attention to detail. All comforts are provided (Internet connection, air conditioning, TV/sat), but you will be mesmerised by the calming colours and art that takes you back in time in comfort. Guests can take part also in different relaxing activities such as wine tasting and cooking lessons. On a sunny day guests can have breakfast in the flower garden and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It is the ideal place for exploring Tuscany!

The Big Day

With the Great Gatsby theme in the air we start our journey at a chic villa where attention is given to every detail to put on the party of your dreams. The gardens can be embellished with entertainment essentials of your liking. There will be plenty of lively music, decadent food and champagne will pour from every corner of this magnificent setting. Villa Dianella will take care of stringed lights, Mason Jar candles and sophisticated champagne flutes! All you have to do is turn up and send the invitation. With such beautiful surroundings, you can go the extra mile and enforce the appropriate dress code. Did we mention the gramophone, fireworks and dreamlike cakes?

The Day After

Sleep at the Winery

With just a few rooms, you can enjoy the privacy of Villa Dianella once the party is over. The shabby chic decorations, the beautiful art and the peacefulness of the cypress trees outside your window will make this the perfect destination. The Green Room is ideal as a Wedding Suite. In the morning you will be able to have breakfast in the limonaia and taste the local specialties.

Wine Cellar and Museum

Villa Dianella has its own museum and ancient cellars in the Fattoria Dianella. Here you can learn about wine making or simply enjoy some great locally made wine and some of the beautiful food offered by Francesco and Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves. Or you in Great Gatsby style you can go for a walk in the vineyards whilst sipping some of that beautiful wine!

Cooking Class

Hidden in the secret kitchen of the Villa, you can spend some time cooking with Laura and later enjoy your meal with some bottles of wine! Buonissimo!

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