The Grand Hotel de Bordeaux is not your typical Winerist hotel. Historically we have always opted for small, boutique style destinations where you get to feel and live the hospitality and tradition of the region. Although at the beginning our eyes were not set on the GHB, a recent visit there changed our minds entirely.

For all of its grandeur and the beautiful baroque touches found on the façade and the interiors of this building, the GHB is extremely subtle and most surprising in every corner.

The location is perfection. Centred at the heart of Bordeaux, you are close to some of the most tempting attractions, from shopping, to the theatres, the promenade and of course some of the City’s most indulging restaurants. 

The GHB rooms are as you would expect them: grand, sophisticated, comfortable and the marble bathtubs are simply to die for.

You will never get tired of being at the hotel as it offers a beautiful lobby bar where you can snack on elegant food and some of the best cocktails we have ever tasted – that is if you ever get tired of the wines! Have a cigar in the Gentlemen’s Club or step out for a coffee on the terrace and do what we did on our multiple visits to this City: people watching! The people of Bordeaux are as beautiful, happy and sophisticated as their wine. 

Now that you are settled in and familiar with your temporary home, you can choose from the wine escapades right on your doorstep. Hop in a vintage car and escape to the Chateaux or get on a train at the beautiful Central Station and join us for a visit at Pontet-Canet, where you can taste fifth growths, meet the wine maker and witness biodynamic winemaking at its source.

You will be coming back in time for dinner at the Michelin star hotel which is hidden under the rooftop of the GHB itself. We won’t give too much away, but don’t miss the fois gras, the lamb and you might want to give yourself some reading time to explore the reading list. There will be plenty to choose from.

The day after, you will be ready for a break. If you are curious enough, you will go to the rooftop. Here a spa awaits, one of the most delicious secrets of this destination. Soak your feet into the beautiful baroque pool, have a massage and enjoy the multiple flavours of the Tea Room. Unwind on the rooftop pool before you head back to your real home. The memories of this stay will keep you going in the hustle and bustle of the job and the busy city which awaits you once you hop off your plane or train journey…


Written by: Diana Isac, Winerist Co-founder.

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