Winerist is pleased to share the results of it’s Wine & Food Tourists Survey in 2014.

The survey shows what we have long known: the number of foodies and winos is constantly growing. This confirms Condé Nast‘s prediction that in 2014 we will travel to eat and drink even more, seeking that off the beaten track, authentic experiences.

According to our Survey, Wine & Food holidays are a leading trend, with 79% of participants selecting it as their number one holiday preference. Here are some of our key findings:

  • Amongst tourists, 72% have experienced wine & food holidays more than 3 times
  • There is a need for the wine and food travel sector to go online as 75% of you book online and 34% use Social Media to research and book the holiday
  • With as many as 51% booking wine and food experiences such as wine tours and cooking classes on location, there is a large demand for last minute real-time availability on things to do in wine destinations
  • A whopping 88% said they buy wine after a visit making the work of wineries that extra bit more focused on the travel sector

For more information, we have attached our infographic below. If you have any questions please get in touch with our team on

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