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Meet the Winemaker in Chile

15 Mar, 2013

Dear Wine Traveller, here’s a question for you: what could be better than visiting a winery and being able to meet the people who are most in touch with the wine? Winerist has two great Chilean options for the wine aficionado who wants to get to know an insider’s perspective of winemaking, be it by meeting winemakers or visiting boutique wineries!

Tucked between the Andes and Chile’s coastal mountains and just a 3 hour drive from Santiago, Chile’s capital, lies the beautiful Maule Valley.  This wine region’s stunning panorama makes it a perfect location for activities such as horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and even skiing. So in between wine tastings, a traveller will never be without fun activities to do! Maule also boasts a rich tradition of family-run vineyards.

Amongst these is the renown J. Bouchon private winery and family estate, who have been making their fine wines for four generations and counting. With its vision of making wine travel simple, Winerist has put together an exclusive J Bouchon Mingre Wine Lodge Experience, a three day tour where guests are taken to visit four wineries in the valley and stay overnight at the Santa Maria de Mingre’s hacienda-style guesthouse, where they are welcomed by winemaker Julio Bouchon himself!

If its another valley you’d be interested in, the Maipo Valley (yes, quite similar names, but different wine area nonetheless!) ranges from high altitudes (1,300 to 2,600 feet) in the “Alto Maipo” to the coastal plains of the “Pacific Maipo” and hosts some of the best Carmenere grapes, wonderful National Parks and natural springs!

An easy way to experience this Valley is with Maipo Valley Wineries Tour, a daytrip in which our winos can get to know the region that was highly influenced by French vinicultural practices and is home to the famous Cousiño Macul and Concha y Toro wineries. This tour includes visits to two boutique wineries Aquitania and Haras de Pirque, as well as a delicious lunch with Chilean delicacies at the Fundación Origen restaurant.


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