Meet Ryan – Our Uruguay Expert

14 Jul, 2015

Ryan was brought up in South Africa in the heart of the Cape Winelands, a stunning wine town called Paarl, which is very close to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

His house was next to a vineyard. With his brother they used to climb over the fence and help themselves to these looming cluster of ripe Chenin Blanc grapes. The farmer used to walk around the vineyard with his rottweiler, so once they built the wall round the house and heard a few gun shots fired in the air, they decided it was time to look for new adventures.
Ryan is now all grown up and the vineyard is no longer there, but that year of 1990 will always be memorable; and that was the beginning of The Wine Experience that brought him all the way to Uruguay.


When did you discover your passion for wine & food?

When I was working for Majestic Wine in London. Training, tasting, working and learning with passionate wine enthusiasts ignited my passion and interest. I was hooked.

Which are Uruguay’s most important wine regions?
Punta del Este, Montevideo & Colonia
As a wine lover, what is the minimum number of days you would recommend to explore Uruguay’s wine country?
3 days are needed as besides wine you will still get to see lots of scenery 

What is a traditional local wine and food pairing dish?
Tannat grape with BBQ red meats, especially lamb or rib-eye
Finally, what would be your top 3 tips for the keen wine traveller when visiting your region?
  • Plan a wine tour with a local wine guide and operator – as their inside knowledge and tips will change your holiday in a big way
  • Always arrive via Montevideo as it’s a half way point between Punta del Este & Colonia – you could either flyinto Montevideo airport or catchthe fast ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo via the Buquebus 
  • Visit 3 wine regions, so you can compare the various versions of the famous Tannat grape now known as the healthiest red wine in the world, due to the seeds and skins producing high anti-oxidants that lower your blood pressure and protect you against cardiovascular diseases.  




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