Meet Maria – Our Salta Regional Expert

21 Mar, 2014

About Maria

I was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in a nice and very quiet city. When I was young, I started to study Tourism as I knew traveling, meeting people and their costumes and organizing trips were the things I would like do in the future. I got a degree at the University and started to work since then.

Now I work in an Incoming Travel Agency that focus on tailor made trips for all those who want to see Argentina from all of its different perspectives. 

Interview with Maria

When did you discover your passion for wine?

I am a Travel Agent who loves its country and all the beautiful landscapes it has to offer. Once I have started to work in tourism, I used to deal with groups which always asked for including wine tasting in their trips and that was the beginning of discovering a fascinating world behind the wine industry, especially in our country which has a lot to offer among its main regions.   


What are your key highlights of the Salta wine region?

Undoubtedly, Salta is my place in the world, even when I live in Buenos Aires! All the province has got an immensurable richness of landscapes, places to visit, people to meet, but one place you should go for sure, is Cafayate. Do not leave without visiting this region and tasting a cold and fresh glass of wine, whilst enjoying the calm atmosphere.


Do you have a personal favourite winery in the region and if so why?

If I have to choose one, San Pedro de Yacotuya is one of my favourites. It is located at more than 6,500 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest vineyards in the world.  

Which wine region in the world would you like to visit next?

If I only have few days to travel, surely I will go to Valle del Colchagua in our neighbouring country of Chile. But if I have plenty of time to travel and discover, I´d like to visit the Chianti region in Tuscany. From my point of view, one of the most beautiful places in Italy and in the whole world.  

What is a traditional local wine and food pairing dish?

Well, undoubtedly Torrontes is the traditional wine in this region. You can try any other high altitude red wine, but almost everybody come to Salta to try this delicious terroir. This white wine is perfect pairing for empanadas salteñas, a traditional meat and fried pie or with locro, which is a hearty thick stew popular along the Andes mountain range.


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