Mario Bemer – Master Artisan of Custom-Made Shoes

13 Aug, 2014

The ultimate shoe, an extension of the man – precision, attention to every slightest detail.

Mario Bemer could be considered a new brand in the world of high-quality men’s footwear, but the fact is he is merely continuing the tradition of bespoke shoemaking; a tradition that comes from the long held collaboration with his brother Stefano, the famous bespoke shoe artisan.  Working together in Florence for many years, the brothers shared the knowledge and secrets necessary to create products of excellence using the best materials and crafting techniques. 

The brand had been sold in 2012, after Stefano’s premature passing. After a short collaboration with the new owners of the brand, Mario decided he would rather continue on his own, carrying on and maintaining the reputation, the philosophy, and tradition of artisanal shoemaking that he and his brother had worked so hard to create. 

Black and White Handcrafting of a Shoe

Mario has now implemented some modern innovations that continue to offer the highest quality product, yet with the addition of the slight adaptations. After years of studying new types of leather soles that make the product even more comfortable for the client, Mario has successfully addressed one of the most common reflections: that the shoe should fit comfortably right from the beginning, without the “breaking in” period that is common with a Goodyear sole.  Mario describes his shoes as not only looking “sumptuously beautiful, but they must also fit as an extension of the man”.

Mario recognises his client; he is not the one who focuses on glitz and excess, but rather one who appreciates the skill and time needed to create a refined and beautiful object.  He knows his client is one who spends wisely and has a distinct sense of self.  His clients come from all over the world to his little shop on the left bank of the Arno River.  Politicians, movie stars, businessmen, fashion designers, they all come to Mario for the same reason: they want a pair of shoes handcrafted by the grand master of luxurious men’s shoes.


The process for a bespoke shoe is not quick; an appointment must be made for the initial fitting.  Mario measures the foot, observes the way the person stands, his anatomy, the way he walks, how he sits, all very important factors in creating the perfectly fitting shoe.  The selection of the style and choice of materials is up to the customer, but Mario is passionate about discussing which models would work best.  Ultimately the shoe must reflect the individual’s style and personality.

Once a decision has been made, Mario goes to work selecting the finest cuts of leather, cutting the upper, and then following the mounting and sewing procedure with meticulous attention to the details. 

The client must return for a second fitting about 1-2 months later, if all is well the shoes will be finished and then delivered in a custom made wooden box.  Each shoe is complete with its shoe-tree and carefully wrapped in a soft cloth bag.

Mario explains that he only uses first-choice materials, he will not skimp, all buckles are designed by him and handcrafted by a master silversmith.  The smallest details are important and these shoes are made to last a lifetime.   Customers can send the shoes back if they need to be re-soled, or simply refreshed.  Mario stands behind his shoes for a lifetime – this is true luxury indeed.

Mario Bemer Firenze – Via Maggio 68/70R Firenze, Italia

+39 055 217166

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