It’s a Wonderful Whisky Time of Year

09 Dec, 2021

Discover our top three whiskies for sipping beside the fireplace.

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It’s getting cold outside, the logs are already on the fire and you’re looking for the ideal winter warmer. We’ve searched far and wide across the world’s whisky producing countries and found you our top 3 whiskies to sip beside the fireplace. Whether it’s for you or the whisky lover in your life these beautiful whiskies have been hand-selected by us with you in mind. Read on for our top whiskies for the festive season.

The Irishman

Best whisky for ChristmasIrish whiskey (spelt with an ‘e’ in Ireland) is definitely one of the most popular forms of whisky in the world and Ireland’s signature drink. You might have plenty of tipples for St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s also perfect to warm up your palate during Christmas. Sláinte!

Founded in 1999, Walsh Whiskey is run by couple Bernard and Rosemary Walsh. Their strong passion for whiskey led them to revive traditional Irish recipes from the 19th century by adapting them to satisfy today’s thirsty palates.

Our choice: Among their wonderfully wide range of amazing whiskies, we chose The Irishman Single Malt because we absolutely LOVE its exceptional flavour and complexity. It’s triple distilled and aged in both bourbon and oloroso sherry casks so it’s no wonder it tastes so good!

Tasting notes: With delicate honied malt aromas on the nose, it has notes of candied fruit, fig, and sweetness on the palate. The finish is characterised by sun dried raisins and oak spices.

How to enjoy: Enjoy it at room temperature on the rocks or neat.

Where to buy: Available to buy in the UK at (£40.95), and in the US and worldwide at

How to visit: To plan your tour of whiskey country in Ireland; get in touch with Winerist.

Catoctin Creek

Best whiskies for christmasWhisky may have been produced in Ireland and Scotland since Medieval times but whilst they may have the head start on the US to whom they exported it to, the latter has wasted no time in catching up.

Catoctin Creek (pronounced ka-TOCK-tin) resides in Virginia, one of the three states considered to be the birthplace of American whiskey (again with an ‘e’). It was founded in 2009 and prides itself on being the first legal family-owned distillery in Loudoun County since before prohibition. It works as a certified organic microdistillery thanks to its commitment to use only locally-sourced ingredients, free of pesticides and chemical additives, to produce high quality spirits. During the Covid-19 pandemic it distinguished itself by shifting its production to provide free sanitising alcohol to the local community.

Our choice: We chose the Catoctin Creek Roundstone for its smoothness and the full-bodied fruity-nutty grain flavour which is so typical of a Virginia rye whiskey. We were also swayed by it being one of Virginia’s most awarded whiskies and being made completely from 100% organic rye grain which they source locally.

Tasting notes: With a delicious woody taste, on the nose it has notes of caramel, toffee and a hint of lemon.

How to enjoy: Enjoy it mixed, on the rocks, or neat.

Where to buy: Available to buy in the UK at (£54.90) and in the US at ($51.99).

How to visit: To plan your tour of whiskey country in Virginia; get in touch with Winerist.

Writers’ Tears

Best whiskies for christmasWhilst its place of birth is up for debate, with Gaelic roots, Irish whiskey is, without doubt, one of Europe’s oldest distilled drinks. So loved was this elixir that it was called uisce beatha, meaning “the water of life”.

Founded on a love for whiskey, the founders wanted to “create a legacy of whisky excellence”. Inspired by traditional Irish recipes, they dedicated themselves to the production of The Irishman and Writers’ Tears, both award-winning whiskies.

Our choice: We were intrigued by Writers’ Tears Copper Pot as it claims to be a unique marriage of Aged Single Pot Still and Single Malt Irish whiskey. And it really is a marriage of perfection! Winner of many awards, it has also been included by Ian Buxton in his publication “101 Whiskeys to try before you die”.

Tasting notes: On the nose it’s rich with flashes of apple and hints of vanilla. With an elegant finish of dark chocolate, it’s gently spiced with ginger and orchard fruits in the mouth.

How to enjoy: Shake it with light rum, simple syrup, lemon juice, and ice. Enjoy in a cocktail glass.

Where to buy: Available to buy in the UK at (£29), and in the US and worldwide at

How to visit: To plan your tour of whiskey country in Ireland; get in touch with Winerist.


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