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Introducing BIB Wine Co: The New Luxury Bag-in-Box Wine

10 Sep, 2018

Times have changed. Today, we are a long way from the oxidised, rocket-fuel that used to come in boxes pretending to be wine. A glance at any supermarket wine aisle will tell you that bag in box wine is BACK and with a vengeance. The difference is that this time, the wine is good – and in some cases, really good. Meet the new company that aims to offer the best bag in box wine that you can buy: The BIB Wine Co.

Where did it all start?

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Back in 2016 over a festive Christmas dinner in Paris, four siblings sat round a table discussing this very dilemma: why not bag in box wine? And of the current box wines available, why not high quality box wine? Boxes are environmentally friendly and easier on the wallet. Rather than ponder, Justin, Ollie, Tom, Beka and Alexander sprang into action. Each contributing to the company in their own way, bag-in-box (BIB) came to fruition.

Team leader Ollie Lea sparked the conversation fifteen years ago with siblings Tom, Beka, and Alexander about his search for good box wine and the lack of availability on the market. Additionally, Ollie had spent eight years in the Navy, then moved on to a tech startup in Paris and now needed a new project into which he could immerse himself. Realising they had a real chance to break into a unique genre of wine, the four quickly began brainstorming best practices. Tom took on operations, Beka showed her talents in all things design and markets and Alexander impressed everyone with his ability to manipulate the digital world.

What makes BIB different?

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While their research and business ideas were well on their way, the team realised they needed some help if they wanted their product to stand out from other bag in box products. They knew exactly what they needed this person to do: make sure the wine in the box was outstanding. Enter the fifth team member of the crew in the form of Master of Wine, Justin Howard-Sneyd: a wine ninja with a wealth of wine buying and tasting experience on his side. He was the perfect choice as the person to select the right wines for BIB.

Before embarking on their wine journey, the philosophy of the company had to be established: a family wine with an awareness for the environment. By working with sustainable vineyards, BIB Wine Co. wants to make consumers think about how wine production affects the environment, while also bringing attention to the local communities who make the wines and their traditions. It helps that these wines are also made using very low intervention (i.e. less sulphur, chemicals and general messing around with the wine) and that most of them or organic or biodynamic.

With the wines crafted, tasted and approved, the team needed to construct the perfect packaging. Each BIB box not only looks super smart, but holds 2.25 litres (about 3 traditional bottles), thus saving the consumer money in extra packaging. The BIB boxes easily keep wine fresh for over a month and block out any damaging light. The cheaper processing fees and 100% recyclable materials mean more bang for your buck and less of a carbon footprint. Surely, now the question becomes, ‘why bottles?’

Benefits of BIB wines

* The cost of BIB’s wines are on average £2 less than had they been in a bottle. If you join the club, you’ll get even better prices.

* All wines are made with low intervention (less handling and chemicals).

* Most of them are organic or biodynamic and low intervention.

* They look incredibly stylish.

* The fact the boxes don’t let in light, keeps the wine fresher.

* They fit in a standard fridge door!

BIB Wine Co. offers a stellar lineup of twelve boxed wines of ranging varietals as well as a BIB Wine Club. Select your wines, decide how often you want them delivered, receive 10% off, and enjoy. Taste what Justin, Ollie, Tom, Beka, and Alexander have built and brag about your BIB Wine.

RRPs: £23.90-£37.90

Twitter: @BIBwine


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