Interview with the National Tourism Board of Chile

19 Nov, 2013

During the World Travel Market week in London, our CEO Diana Isac met with Milos Miskovic, Director Regional of Sernatur, the National Tourism Board in Chile. They talked about Chile’s up and coming travel destinations, the future of Winerist in Chile and the reasons why you should visit this beautiful country!

1. Tell us a bit about Sernatur and its scope in Chile.

Sernatur is the National Tourism Board in Chile. It is a branch of the the Chilean Government, and it has Regional Directions in each one of the 15 Chilean regions. Ours is the the Regional Direction for Valpraiso. We are therefore responsible for tourism planning, development and marketing in the Valparaiso Region and by default in Chile as a whole.

Valparaiso City is also one of the most prosperous cities in all of Chile and is known as “The Garden City”. It’s a must visit for any traveller.


2. What are the current trends vis-a-vis tourism in Chile?

Almost 80% our tourist arrivals are currently Chilean. And amongst the remaining 20%, the vast majority of visitors are from Argentina, followed by Brazilians, tourists from USA and Europe.

The Valparaiso Region is very well known for its coastal areas, heritage destinations, Biosphere Reserves, wine valleys and the Andean mountain range. Our most important destinations are Valparaiso-Viña del Mar and Concon (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Easter Island (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Robinson Crusoe Island (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve), Casablanca Valley (10th World’s Great Wine Capital) and Campana Peñuelas (UNESO Biosphere Reserve).


3. What are the best months to visit the regions? 


All year round. It depends on the interest of the traveller. We have possibilities in offering the best skiing in July and August in Portillo or El Arpa, Pacific Ocean sand beaches and diving activities from December to April, the best wine valleys and wine activities in our autumn time, March-April, and celebrating with us our traditions during national holidays in September.


4. Which are the highlights of wine travel in Chile?

First of all, Valparaiso-Casablanca Valley. This destination has just recently been recognized as the 10th World’s Great Wine Capital. More than 15 vineyards are open all year round and are expecting tourists to show them the best of white and red Chilean wines.


Nevertheless, our wine region extends also in Aconcagua valley, beneath the Andes, and next to the Pacific coast in San Antonio Province where Leyda valley and Lo Abarca are located.


The activities are so diverse. You can taste the best wines with local dishes, rural preparations, up to participating with the community in our traditions. Biking, horseback riding, or just walking around and exploring our region might be a great day program that can finish with a nice dinner and a good night sleep in our boutique hotels around wineries.


5. Who are the most promising wine producers in the region?


It is very difficult just to mention some of them. On the other hand, we produce different wine varieties. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon and some fantastic assemblage. You will feel at home tasting these beauties, and we are very sure you will find one you will love the most. You will be greatly surprised by the quality of our real wine artists.


6. What projects will be working on next?


There is always something going on around our wine valleys. We are just working on positioning the activities in our Casablanca Valley as part of the Great Wine CapitalsHowever, after skiing in the Andes, the Aconcagua wines are the best for relaxing and watching the astonishing mountain sunsets. Also, the wines from San Antonio are fabulous for enjoying great days along the Pacific seaside.


7. When it comes to Chile, what would you like Winerist to do next to promote the region better?

Our region is a gateway to Chile. Whether you are travelling to the north of Chile, Atacama desert, or to the Patagonia in the south, Valparaiso region and our wine valleys are the perfect stay for enhancing the visit to our country. We are certain that together we can open up the beautiful wines, food and activities of Chile. More importantly, here you will find fantastic friends. Together we can make wine travel better for travellers all around the globe!   

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