Interview with Monique Soltani, creator of Wine Oh TV

12 Mar, 2013

We are pleased to feature Monique Soltani, the San Francisco based creator of Wine Oh TV, who gives us her insight into her website and her passion for wine.

Monique, tell us about how you came about creating Wine Oh TV.

I’ve worked in television for most of my life, I double majored in Broadcast Journalism and American Studies, and got my first job as a TV Anchor/Reporter in 1999. I really didn’t know anything about wine until I moved to New York City and it’s there where I fell in love with it. I pursued my passion by studying with the Court of Master Sommeliers and combined my love for wine and passion for reporting by creating Wine Oh TV.  My goal with Wine Oh TV is to educate, entertain and enlighten everyone to the wonderful world of wine. I believe wine drinking should be less fussy and more fun! I try to reflect that in my reporting style, I hope it’s working!

What would you say are the most interesting features on Wine Oh TV?

I love telling the story behind the bottle. Each wine/winery has its own unique story and I really enjoy uncovering that story and sharing it on Wine Oh TV. For me wine is personal and it’s really about the people, it’s a belly to belly business.

You have a “Food and Wine” pairing tab on your website.  We are foodies in Winerist! What would you say has been your favourite food-wine pairing so far?

I’m a bit of a creature of habit and I have had an unhealthy obsession with pairing wine with pita chips and Facebook for the past 5 years. Ha! I do have a weak spot for Sauternes paired with blue cheese! YUM! On Friday night’s, my husband and I try to stay home and have a pizza party. My husband loves surprising me with a new wine to pair with it. At first he used to bring home the typical Italian wine but lately he’s been getting creative, last week he brought home a Merlot from Galilee, Israel. My favorite food and wine pairings are the ones paired with great conversation and people I love!

We can say that you share Winerist’s a passion for wine, would you say you share our passion for travel as well?

Yes, I am not well traveled but I have a love of travel. Last year, I was lucky enough to
visit both France and Hong Kong for the first time. I’m off to Taiwan next week to explore the heart of Asia. I love meeting new people and embracing different cultures and exploring what makes us unique and in some ways very similar.

What wine regions have you had the chance to visit and where would be next on your list?

I explored a lot of the wine regions in California (Napa Valley, Sonoma, Livermore, Santa Barbara, Mendocino Santa Cruz, Monterey, etc) I’ve been to Bordeaux (Medoc and Sauternes)

Hong Kong (yes they have wine there) and Spain, Up next I’m headed to British Columbia and I hope to get to Australia at the end of the year.

Which tour, hotel or winery featured on Winerist would you be tempted to try out?

Franschhoek Valley, South Africa looks amazing! It’s a lifelong dream of mine to travel their and tour, explore and taste the Wines of South Africa! I would also really love to go to Croatia!


Follow Monique Soltani on Twitter @WineOhTV and have a look at her video filled website Wine Oh TV.

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