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21 Jun, 2024

The Timeless Elegance of the “Ia”

The “ia” [pronounced ee-yah], a traditional Romanian blouse; it is a symbol of national pride and cultural heritage. Embroidered with intricate patterns, the ia dates back to ancient times, reflecting the rich history and artistry of Romanian craftsmanship. Each region in Romania and Moldova boasts its own unique designs, making the ia a tapestry of the country’s diverse cultural landscape. With each stitch and symbol narrating tales of local folklore, family traditions, and communal values.

The intricate embroidery that adorns each blouse is more than just decorative; it is a language of symbols and motifs, each with its own meaning and significance. These designs often include geometric patterns, floral motifs, and animal figures, each representing elements of nature, spirituality, and the daily lives of the people.

Our founder was born in Moldova – a place where the ia is worn with respect and pride and where this tradition goes back hundreds of years to celebrate the Romanian cultural heritage and with it the stories of the women who made and wore this beautiful artifact. We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the National IA Day and to also share a one of a kind festival which takes place every year in Moldova centered around the traditions of the Romanian blouse and its impact on the fashion world today.

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The Louis Vuitton Controversy: Cultural Appropriation Accusations

Recently, the ia was the center of a cultural appropriation scandal involving the luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton. The controversy erupted when Romania’s Minister of Culture accused Louis Vuitton of using the traditional Romanian blouse design in their latest collection without proper acknowledgment or respect for its cultural significance.

This incident sparked a heated debate about the ethics of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry. Critics argued that such acts of appropriation not only strip away the cultural essence of the garment but also undermine the efforts of local artisans who have preserved this heritage for generations. The scandal has heightened awareness and sensitivity towards cultural symbols, urging brands to be more respectful and inclusive in their creative processes. As this is not the first time something of a kind happens in the fashion industry, we embrace and celebrate and stand with the masters who have created and those who continue to create the beautiful Romanian blouse, respecting its origins and heritage.

More information in the article below: blouse#:~:text=Louis%20Vuitton%20accused%20of%20cultural%20appropriation%20of%20Romanian%20blouse,-Minister%20of%20culture&text=Romania’s%20minister%20of%20culture%20has,accused%20of%20 


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IA MANIA 2024: Celebrating a Decade of Tradition and Unity

This year, the IA MANIA festival returns on June 29th, celebrating its 10th anniversary at Holercani, Republic of Moldova, by the Nistru River. Over the past decade, IA MANIA has become a vibrant celebration of traditions, people, culture, gastronomy, and national pride.

Here’s what awaits you at the IA MANIA festival this year!


Workshops for All Ages

The festival will feature a variety of craft workshops suitable for the entire family. Attendees can engage in activities such as weaving carpets, pottery, woodworking, embroidery, leather crafting, and willow weaving. These workshops offer a hands-on experience, allowing participants to immerse themselves in traditional crafts and learn from skilled artisans.

The Largest Heritage Fair

This year’s festival will host the largest heritage fair yet, with over 120 artisans and small producers from Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine. The fair provides a platform for these craftsmen to showcase and sell their handmade goods, promoting the preservation of traditional crafts and supporting local economies.

Handmade Ia mania

Children’s Zone

At the festival, children will be entertained with a range of activities, including carpentry, painting, educational workshops, and gentle parenting sessions. These activities are designed to be both fun and educational, ensuring a memorable experience for the youngest festival-goers.

Gastronomy Delights

Culinary enthusiasts will be delighted by the gastronomic offerings from eight villages in the Dubăsari district. These local hosts will tempt visitors with delicacies that evoke the flavors of childhood, showcasing the rich culinary traditions of the region.

Gastronomy Ia mania


One of the festival’s highlights is the IA MANIA Parade, a tribute to the past decade of the festival, celebrating national pride and love for the country. The parade will feature stunning traditional costumes from Dubăsari, a city from Moldova, providing a visual feast of color and craftsmanship.

“Cai Verzi pe Pereți”

The festival will also include an art competition titled “Cai Verzi pe Pereți” (Green Horses on the Walls) inspired by traditional themes. Visitors can view and purchase the artworks, supporting local artists and bringing a piece of the festival home with them.

Live Concert

The evening will culminate in a live concert featuring performances by the Rodoliubie Ensemble from Taraclia, Cadânja and Sted from Gagauzia, Unfolk from Ungheni, Gabriel Nebunu, Snails, Prima Dragoste, and the special guest of the night, Mădălina Pavăl with her orchestra from Romania. The concert promises to be a spectacular celebration of music, bringing together diverse musical traditions and contemporary sounds.

Ia mania 2024

​​IA MANIA 2024 promises to be a memorable event, celebrating a decade of cultural richness and community spirit. Join us at Holercani for a day filled with tradition, creativity, and joy!

We’ll be there, what about you?


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