How to Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee Around the World

29 Sep, 2015

Everyone has their own way of drinking coffee. Some people can’t imagine mornings without their “wake-up” cup of coffee, others prefer coffee breaks in the afternoons, and there are even those who drink it late in the evening, so that they can concentrate better while working and contemplating. There are so many different reasons for drinking coffee, and even more types of this “magic” beverage. While some like it black and strong, others drink it with milk or along with some sweets. Yet, the fact is that a great percentage of the world population is enjoying it. 

The big coffee fame began many centuries ago in Ethiopia, where this popular drink originated. Soon after its discovery, coffee spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, the Balkans, Europe and the rest of the world, and intertwined with the existing local cultures. It became part of them and evolved in different ways. In Ethiopia, for instance, where coffee is considered to be the national drink, it’s a custom to drink this beverage very slowly, sip by sip, for at least an hour. While in Italy you can order espresso and drink it standing at the bar as if it is a shot.

There are so many different methods of preparing and consuming this famous drink, and many different rituals you can observe with interest.

This infographic will help you find out what is special and distinct in coffee drinking cultures in several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Although all these traditions relate to the same drink, the diverse coffee etiquettes can surely bring you a totally different experience. 

Coffee Etiquette Around the World

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