Happy Birthday Winerists!

16 Oct, 2013

We cannot believe it has been 12 months since we launched our website and today we are celebrating our First Year!

A Big Thank you to all of our Winerists who have been with us in the past few months. Wine Travellers, Bloggers, to the Three Wine Men with whom we had heaps of fun, 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen, the team at IG Wines who have kindly supplied our travellers once they are back home, our charity, 2Water and many many more!

So here is a Synopsis of what we got up to this year and the great people with have worked with. We look forward to meeting with you on our wine travels again soon and hope to make new friends in the coming year!

Our Wine Travellers

We are thankful to those of you who have travelled the world through wine with Winerist and who have been kind to share their experiences and feedback. We are always glad to hear what you think of our emails, offers and new regions. Thank you for the support and constant dialogue. We hope you enjoy Winerist in the next 12 months just as much or even more! 


We added more than 45 wine regions!

We started with 6 in October and in time have managed to build relationships, make friends and add multiple hotels, tours and wineries in the world’s most fascinating wine regions. To browse through our regions, simply select your activity of choice and the region you would like to explore on our Landing Page. More partners are coming to Winerist in the next few months so stay tuned! 


We have more than 60 Regional Experts on our team

You can read all about them on our Blog. These are wonderful journalists, wine bloggers, Masters of Wine and wine and travel lovers. They are the people who make wine travel simple and authentic for all of you wine travellers out there.

When there is little availability, they will be able to put something together in a matter of hours so that we can send you on that magical wine experience.


We worked with more than 600 partners

From wineries, to hotels to tour guides, we have build relationships in all of the world’s wine regions. It has been great to come and see you in every corner of the world, starting with Provence, Bordeaux and Tuscany to Mendoza, California and beyond. If you would like to become one of our partners, send us an email. We are always eager to make new friends in new regions.


Our Community of Bloggers rocks!

You know who you are! You fell in love with Winerist from the very first day and shared wine travel experiences with our audience in the last few months. We are excited to be going on wine trips and to discover new regions with your help in the new year. Don’t forget to send us an email if you think you have a great idea, wine region, wine tour or vineyard to explore. We always want to hear from you!

Finally, we really wish we could share some birthday cake and a glass of wine with all of you, but in its absence, we are giving back by giving you the opportunity to wine adventure for 2 people to Beautiful Sicily!


ENTER today and celebrate 1 Year of Wine Adventures with Winerist! 



Written by: Winerist co-founders, Diana Isac and Tatiana Livesey.

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