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How Many Calories Are In Your Drink?

13 Apr, 2015

Everyone has their vices; ours is wine (of course!). Alcohol may be fun to drink but have you ever considered the calorie consequences of drinking your favourite glass of wine? What about those ill-advised shots at the end of a night out? Be it beer, wine or cocktails, the phrase “empty calories” is often bounded around when discussing alcoholic drinks because they contain no nutritional value. Whilst we support drinking in moderation, calorie counting is not going to stop us enjoying a glass of the good stuff. However, we’ve decided to put some of the most popular drinks on the weighing scales to see which fares best. You might be surprised by the results…

1. Which Wine Wins?

Which Wine Wins?


The average glass of Champagne contains 91 calories, one of the lowest of all alcoholic drinks. In a 175 ml glass of red wine there are 133 calories, whilst there are around 131 calories in a glass of dry white.

2. Which is the least calorific option?

Which is the least calorific option?


Lager on average contains 180 calories for a pint, whereas a pint of Stout or Cider will set you back around 210. That’s about the same as a jam doughnut….

3. Which cocktail has the most calories?

Which cocktail has the most calories?

Pina Colada

A Pina Colada contains a whopping 425 calories. That’s an uphill hike for an hour to burn off! A Mojito contains 217 calories, whilst a Cosmopolitan has 213.

4. Spirits & Mixers – which has the highest calorie count?

Spirits & Mixers - which has the highest calorie count?

Vodka and orange juice

Vodka and orange has around 210 calories for a single measure. To work it off, you would need to take a 45 minute brisk walk. A rum and coke contains 129 calories and a gin and tonic is the least calorific option at 110.

5. which is the worst offender?

which is the worst offender?


Alcopops contain on average 253 calories per bottle. That’s half a Big Mac! A Jager bomb contains 158 calories and a single shot of Bailey’s has 130.

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