Foodie Tips for Enjoying Your Favorite Glass of Wine No Matter Where You Go This Summer

20 Feb, 2017

In the midst of winter, wine is your go-to drink. You can pour a glass of red to go with your favorite roasted meats. You pop bottles of sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve. And you add spices and citrus zests to warm wine for the perfect cozy companion for winter caroling.

So, what are you supposed to do with the sweet stuff over the summer? Surprisingly enough, there are just as many pours to go around when it’s sunny out. You’re sure to find yourself in the following three situations this summer and you won’t hesitate to pair each one with the perfect bottle of wine. Oh, and even better: these beverages go great with the food that’s sure to be on the menu, too.  

Barbecues: Sangria

Nothing says “summer” like a barbecue. Whether it’s Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or… any other Saturday on which you want to throw a party, you can fire up the grill and call it a (good) day.

You could fill a cooler with ice and plunk a few dozen beer bottles to go with your grilled fare — burgers, hot dogs, sausages, steaks, depending on how fancy your affair is going to be — but you could also mix things up by literally mixing up a pitcher of sangria. The wine-based beverage gets an extra kick from brandy, but don’t think it’s anything but refreshing. Once you add chopped-up fruit and ice cubes it’s the perfect addition to any summer barbecue. Seriously. We dare you to find a more versatile BBQ beverage.

Summer Weddings: White Wine

Oh, the classic summer wedding. Whether you’re dancing under the stars or on the sand, you can’t go wrong with a cool glass of white wine. The bride will appreciate the fact that an unexpected spill won’t stain her dress, and you’ll be pleased that the pour is likely cool and sweet.

If you’re planning a summer wedding, you will want to make sure your menu matches the lightness of a white wine. Instead of stocking the menu with, say, steaks and smoked meats, go for light fishes or chicken. To that end, appetizers should be cool and easy, too. Shot glasses full of gazpacho, chilled shrimp and mini salads will hold everyone over ‘til dinner without making them sweat. All of the above tastes great with white wine, too, which we’ll call a win-win.

Pool Party: Rosé

Finally, the best way to chill on a hot summer’s day is to hit the pool or, if you’re lucky, the beach. Since the summer of 2016, one type of wine has taken the sour grape-loving world by storm: rosé. The pink pour is, unsurprisingly, the best of both worlds when it comes to wine: it has stronger flavor, like a red, but it’s still light enough and served chilled, so it can be compared to a white, too.

Now, if you’re lounging by the pool, you’re probably less concerned with a fancy menu and more concerned with, you know, relaxing. If that’s the case, then frosé is the best summer drink for you. The drink is, if you haven’t guessed, a blend of rosé and ice to make a chilly cocktail that you can sip all day long because it’s free of hard liquor. All you need is a blender and a straw and voila: your poolside menu is set.

Time to Celebrate

Whether you’re at one of the above soirees or something a bit more outside of the box, you can certainly find the perfect wine to go with the occasion. At the end of the day, though, the best wine pairing is the one that you like best, so pick your bottles with courage. Now, it’s time to drink.

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