DWCC and Winerist Blogger Announcement

08 Jul, 2014

Winerist and the organisers of the Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC) are pleased to announce their Partnership and New Blogger Opportunities for 2014.

About DWCC

The 7th annual DWCC will be held this year in Montreux (Switzerland) from October 31–November 2, bringing together 300+ wine communicators from around 40 countries to take part in a range of communications and technical workshops led by international experts, based around the skills and information needed by wine communicators in the 21st century. Guests include:

  • Jancis Robinson MW
  • Hamish Nicklin
  • Christian Payne


Through this partnership Winerist is dedicated to bringing the best travel experiences to wine and food enthusiasts worldwide, giving users the opportunity to read and use high quality content to research their trip. Winerist currently features the largest collection of wine hotels, wine and food tours and wineries across the globe. Wine and Food Writers will help us in continuing to review and provide authoritative advice on the regions we operate in.

About the partnership

The objective of Winerist is to support the DWCC in raising the profile and quality of digital wine content, but also to create business opportunities for the content creators. The pilot which is launching in July 2014 is aimed at testing and improving the programme prior to the DWCC. At this year’s conference, Winerist will gather insight and discuss with bloggers ways in which the partnership can be improved.

In addition and alongside the DWCC partnership, Winerist aims to build a strong network of wine, food and travel writers who can provide a constant source of quality, interesting content for its readers and consumers. There are opportunities for mutual endorsement with the view to pay for high quality content on the Winerist website and on blogger/ third partners sites in the near future.

In the run up to the conference, DWCC organisers Vrazon will invite an initial group of 10+ wine bloggers who will be able to take-on relevant paid commissions for original wine content. Contributors who agree to join the contributor group will have the opportunity to continue working with Winerist to create ongoing paying content on a variety of subjects.

If you wish to know more about the DWCC/ Winerist project, please send an email to If you are already associated with the DWCC you can connect with the DWCC organisers directly or send Winerist an email.

Winerist already works with Wine Writers and Bloggers vastly across all regions. If you wish to partner up with us for mutual endorsement, on specific regions and require further details about our work, please email us on

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