Discover the Food and Wine of Rioja

05 Aug, 2016

Discover more about Rioja wines & its traditional food

Located in the north of Spain, La Rioja is well known because of its wines, but how well do we really know them? For instance, did you know that while Tempranillo is the most common variety, there are more red grapes used for blends or varietal wines? And on top of that you also a range of white grapes which can’t be forgotten.

And La Rioja is not only recognised for its wine, but is also a place where visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, taste delicious Spanish food and experience the culture that surrounds the hundreds of wineries and vineyards located in this magical land.

Our Rioja Wine and Food infographic shows the different types of wines that D.O.Ca Rioja offers to the people who really love food and wine.Rioja Food and Wine

This article was written by Mavi Balabanian, a wine marketing expert and creator of Marketing Vinicola, a wine marketing external department for wineries and wine businesses.

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