Did you know there was a wine for cats?

30 Jun, 2022

Improve the relationship with your cat with... wine!

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We know, we know. Your cat is the coolest friend you have. You wish you could do everything with her… Wake up call! You already do. She has your taste in television and adores sleepy Sunday afternoons on the couch by your side. You’re basically twins – except for one major aspect of your weekly routine.

Haven’t you ever wished you could pop open a bottle of wine on a Friday night and, for once, kitty could share in its magic? If so, your relationship with your feline companion is about to change forever.

Cat Wine: The drink that has cats pouncing for joy

Apollo Cat WineApollo Peak Cat Wine Range. Credit: Apollo Peak Official Instagram (

Created three years ago by animal lover Brandon Zavala, Cat Wine was born while he was working at an animal food company and discovered a hole in the market. ‘We feed our pets gourmet food and fancy treats,’ he said, ‘but we have no options in the recreational beverage department’.

To help bridge the social gap between us and our furry friends, Zavala started Apollo Peak – named for his eldest cat Apollo – and began testing recipes out in his kitchen. Eventually he had a solid product, managed to get funding and has been delighting cat owners the world over ever since.

The Wine. For Cats.

wine for catsCredit:

People have preferred types of wine, so why shouldn’t cats also have a variety of options to fit every palate? Apollo Peak shares that sentiment and so offers several kinds of kitty vino: Pinot Meow, MosCATo, White Kittendel Rosé, Catbernet, and Purrsecco.

Every bottle is non-alcoholic, grape-free and is made using only organic and natural ingredients. Pinot Meow was the first of the bunch to hit the market. Its ingredients are few and simple: filtered water, organic catnip, and red beet color. You know your pet is in good hands when you can pronounce every item that goes into the product.

The other “wines” have similar ingredients, swapping out catnip with valerian root to create the Catbernet, for example, or using golden beets instead of red beets to obtain the yellow color for the MosCato.

Does your pet prefer the bubbles? No problem. They also sell Feline Pawrier Cat Champagne in both chicken and salmon flavors. And if you like to get down with something a little harder, your feline can keep up with The Meowgarita or The Meowtini, depending on the kind of night you two crazy cats are looking to have.

The Effect

Just like wine for humans, catnip has what researchers suspect is a jolly effect on cats by targeting the “happy” receptors in their brain. As such, don’t be surprised if Cat Wine causes your silly kitty to roll, flip, purr, spring, rub or stretch. As with human wine, Cat Wine will leave your kitty content, unwound and drunk in love with your brilliant paw-renting choices.

In essence, it’s purrfect.

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