Cocktail: Feeney’s Hot Chocolate

12 Dec, 2018

We all need a little winter warmer and Feeney’s hot chocolate is the remedy for just that. Perfect for those evenings by the fire, or if you don’t have a fire, pretending you have a fire (either way, you’ll feel the comfort with this sensational winter delight). Feeney’s is that milky, silky Irish cream treat (I like to call it happiness in a glass), that quite frankly, works wonders at Christmas. Indulge!

Feeney’s Winter Hot Chocolate

Method & Ingredients

50ml Feeney’s Irish Cream
15ml Vanilla Syrup
2 ½ teaspoons of Chocolate Powder
50ml Hot Milk
Marshmallows and Chocolate Shavings


Add chocolate powder to large latte glass. Pour in the hot milk and stir well. Add vanilla syrup and Feeney’s Irish Cream. Sprinkle with chocolate and mini marshmallows.


For more festive treats, check out the Royal Toast and this cheerful Opihr & Ginger Highball. Chin Chin!

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