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Can Bag in Box Wine Ever Be Good?

11 Sep, 2018

Last week in the supermarket, I saw a sight that I never thought I’d see again post 1996. What was it? A floor-to-ceiling aisle of bag in box wine. Yes, bag in box is back! Big time, only this time round, some of it is rather good. Here are some of the reasons why we should embrace the new generation of bag in box wines.

Reasons to love bag in box wine

bag in box wine

Before we take a look at how these wines tend to taste nowadays, let’s thnk about some reasons why bag in box wine is a good thing for everyone:

  • Sustainability: In the age of all things sustainable, there is something compelling about not using three glass bottles where one box will do. Carbon footprint-wise, this can only be a good thing.
  • Cost: Given the fact that you are not using three glass bottles of wine, you do not have to pay for them. This means you afford to drink better wine for the same price.
  • Portability: I wish I’d seen these before my last trip to the Glastonbury festival. No glass or corkscrews to be confiscated and there’s a lot of wine in something that is easy to carry and dispose of. WIN.

Doesn’t all bag in box wine taste of vinegar?

Ok – caveat: some of it still does. It is however, generally speaking, so much better than it used to be as the methods used ot keep the wine fresh have been upgraded across the board over the last few years. What is particularly exciting about the direction bag in box wines are going however, is that you can now find luxury wine in a box. This means really interesting, well-made, seriously delicious wines that look so good, you’d be proud to show them off. Take the brand new BIB wine company for example: They’ve nailed the packaging for start but the best thing about them is that the wines are good – all 12 of them in the range (and we know, because we just went through all of them. Spitting, of course). This family-run company have enlisted the help of renowned master of wine and winemaker Justin Howard-Sneyd to source brilliant, everyday drinking wines that have tonnes of character and over-deliver for the price. Oh and they’re also low intervention, largely organic or biodynamic and sustainable to boot. Check out our feature on their story here and see which wines they have to offer on their website here.


How to get the most out of your bag in box wine

fantasia bag in box

We don’t mean take the bag out and squeeze it into your mouth to get the last dregs (admit it, you know you would). What I mean rather, is how to keep it tasting its best over the 4 – 6 weeks it can last. Ollie form BIB told us:

  • The wine stays freshest if you take a glass every day or so rather than have one glass then leave it for a month.
  • Always keep it upright so air doesn’t get in.
  • Keep the box away from heat sources

Have you tried any good bag in box wines lately? Leave a comment below or tweet us on @TheWinerist #BaginBox. If you like the idea of bag in box wines coming back, you may also want to read our article on the best ready to drink cocktails by Alex Mennie

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