Best Harvest Picture Competition 2017

05 Oct, 2017

If you are a winery, or work for a winery, this is a perfect opportunity to get exposure to the Winerist community of over 270,000 wine lovers around the world.

After successful Harvest Competitions in 2015 and 2016 and due to popular demand, Winerist is launching its the Best Harvest Picture 2017 Competition, open to wineries all wineries that have experienced harvest in 2017.

This year, the winning winery will receive a Premium Listing with Winerist which will include:

  • Page with Business Name & Contact Details 

  • Optimised content (min 250 words)

  • Recommendation in our Travel Guide

  • Book Now Button for tours & wine tastings

  • Higher ranking on Winerist search page

  • Winerist recommendation badge

  • Social Media mentions 

  • Email Marketing promotion  

  • Sponsored content on our Blog 

Harvest is one of our favourite times of the year. We witness the most beautiful moments in the vineyards, have emotional conversations with winemakers, experience the love for harvesting grapes and how much work and dedication it takes to make a bottle of our favourite wine. So we hope you enter, share and vote for your favourite winery this year!

What is the Harvest Competition 2017 about?

The competition is about us selecting 5 Harvest Photos weekly, placing them on our website and asking the public to vote for their favourite. Every week, we will change the pictures, and although wineries can enter as many pictures as they want, they will only be entered once in the competition. You should therefore submit your best and most favourite picture only.

When will the competition start and end?

The competition starts on the 5th of October when the first 5 best photos will be listed on The competition ends on the 5th of November when a winner will be chosen based on the photo which received most votes on our website. We will let you know when to start voting and sharing with your friends and fellow wine lovers!

How to enter the competition?

  1. Harvest must have taken place in 2017. The picture can be taken by you or by someone else. However, the winery must be notified if someone is posting the photo on their behalf.

  2. Post your picture on Instragram using the hashtag #wineristharvest17 or send your image to with the email title Best Harvest Picture Competition 2017. Make sure you include a title for the photo, the name of the winery where this was taken and the name of the author.

  3. Once you have submitted your photo, our team will select the 5 most beautiful photos from the full list of submissions and post them on Instragram, Twitter and on our website. 

  4. The public will have 5 days to vote for their favourite picture that week. We encourage you to share it on Social Media, with your friends, wine fans, etc. The more votes, the higher the chances to win a Premium Listing with Winerist!

  5. A winner will be selected and announced on the 5th of November

  6. The winery which wins the Best Harvest Picture Competition 2017 will benefit from Premium Listing on Winerist in the form of a personalised page, a dedicated blogpost, wine tourism, and media and blogger exposure.


The 5 Finalists will be announced on the 5th of November. Once the finalists are announced, we will have until the 8th of November to select an overall winner. We will let you know so you and your fans can vote for your winery if you make it into the final!

So what are you waiting for? Enter NOW and send us an email or get posting on Instagram!

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