Ardbeg Galileo

25 Nov, 2018

Much-loved Ardbeg in Islay has always looked for ‘out of this world’ ways to express its whisky styles. Perhaps the most confusing, yet intriguing endeavour they’ve had however, is their Ardbeg ‘Galileo’ label. Despite statements orbiting the release of Galileo, sadly the whisky was never sent into space itself, but rather commemorates a little science experiment Ardbeg did. Back in 2011, some terpenes produced by Ardbeg, spent two years on the International Space Station in order to study the effects of micro-gravity on organic compounds. While none of the terpenes found their way into this Galileo whisky, Ardbeg still thought it would be fun to pay tribute to their scientific contribution. A rare find nowadays, though not impossible, Ardbeg Galileo is still very much sought-after.


Ardbeg Galileo is the savoury and sweet of whisky: moreish, dried seaweed notes and pipe tobacco are rounded out by crème brûlée flavours and a pleasant smokiness on the finish. 

ABV: 49%
Price: £305.00/$390.06
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