All You Need Is Ecuador

22 Jun, 2015

With South America rapidly becoming a staple destination of travel enthusiasts everywhere, exploring Ecuador is something, which here at the Winerist, we cannot wait to do! Granted, there is no better way to discover just what Ecuador has to offer for the budding traveller, than to experience it first hand. However, attending the launch of the #AllYouNeedIsEcuador campaign last Wednesday was an excellent place to start! Overlooking the Thames from the top of the Tate Modern, our Ecuadorian hosts maintained their welcoming, open and friendly reputation with free flowing wine offered amongst a display of the infamous Ecuadorian roses.

Tate Modern View

Ecuadorian Roses

Taking our seats, the evento principal got underway. Ecuador’s first minister for tourism, dressed in a beautiful pink dress (very much keeping with the bright and vibrant colour scheme for the evening!) introduced campaign.

Roses and Wine

It was clear to the passion for the country exuberating from all the speakers; they could not convey enough how much they wanted the audience to see Ecuador they way they see it; dynamic, beautiful, welcoming and unique! For those not entirely convinced, the campaign videos that followed were more than enough to change that opinion! For us, they were certainly enough to inspire a trip to the country of the four worlds! 

It would be an injustice to not share them with you, so take a look! 

This, our introductory exploration of Ecuador, highlighted just what a perfect Winerist region the country is; with many different types of wine (a must for any Burgundy wine lovers!), there is great potential for wine tours, food tours, and travel. By the minister’s own admission, it’s possible to have breakfast in the Amazon, take a drive and have dinner in at the coast, and a day flight over to the Galapagos. Not only does this present unbelievable photo opportunities, but a taste bud experience which you would not get anywhere else! We cannot wait to get a better idea and experience traditional Ecuadorian food and wine further!

The evening was rounded off nicely with a rendition of All You Need Is Love (complete with bongos!), definitely a crowd pleaser! The abundant provision of wine paved the way for excellent after speech mingling; a great opportunity to chat to our hosts and get to the crux of the campaign; to feel again! 

People Mingling

Driven entirely by passion, the aim is to take people back to their core; to let them rediscover what makes them unique and where their passion lies against the backdrop of this amazing country!  We can think of no better place than to #FeelAgain. For us, the evening achieved everything is set out too – we left the evening with a passion and desire to find out more about this beautiful place and put the Winerist stamp upon it, which in good time, we certainly will!

But for now, All You Need is Ecuador gave us the drive intended to really carpe diem! Make this your summer, get back to what makes you, you; explore Ecuador and #FeelAgain! All you need is Ecuador! 

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