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A Harmony of Flavors at Beaujolais Blanc Sip & Symphony Event

14 Dec, 2023

Beaujolais Blanc Sip & Symphony was an incredible event that took place on November 16, 2023, in the heart of London at the exclusive Water House Project restaurant, drawing together wine connoisseurs and music lovers to celebrate the art of Beaujolais Blanc.

The Water House Project

A Delightful Lunch of Wine, Food, and Music Pairing

The lunch of wine, food and music pairing took place at the exquisite Water House Project where culinary genius, Chef Gabriel Waterhouse, is at the helm of the kitchen cooking the most incredible, unseen combinations on the London food scene. If there is a restaurant you add to your list for 2024, this is it.

Prior to the tasting, participants received three exceptional Beaujolais wines to taste, setting the stage for this delectable symphony. This prelude allowed guests to familiarize themselves with the exquisite flavors of the wines.

Moreover, the lunch as a sensory experience combining the beauty of music and the art of gastronomy. During the event, the talented composer Olivier Depardon curated a bespoke piece of music for the attendees, crafted based on pre-shared tasting notes, making this a fun and immersive experience.


A Culinary Symphony by Renowned Sommelier Gaëtan Bouvier

Renowned sommelier Gaëtan Bouvier, who was named MOF Sommelier in 2022 and the Best Sommelier of France in 2016, led the wine tasting throughout the meal. Bouvier expertly led the guests through a selection of eight exceptional Beaujolais Blancs, each perfectly paired dishes asgood looking as they were delicious –  a true reflection of the skill that The Water House Project Restaurant’s delivers with excellence. The seamless harmony of wine and cuisine highlighted the delicate nuances of both, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

The Beaujolais Blanc Sip & Symphony event left us wanting for more and with a newfound appreciation for the art of wine and the magic of music composed just for us. We hope to see more Beaujolais Blanc wines in the UK and that they grace our glasses over the holiday season too.




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