7 unexpected health benefits of drinking wine

15 Sep, 2015

We love wine. We know it tastes great but we didn’t actually know just how great it can actually be for us health-wise too!

The latest infographic from Serenata Flowers looks at seven of the most unexpected health benefits there are out there to drinking wine. For example, resveratrol – which is a chemical found in berries and red wine – can help turn white fats into good, beige fats which the body can use for energy and help to lose weight loss.

Resveratrol can also help to reduce some of the risks of certain cancers as it can appear to help slow the growth of cancel cells. There is also evidence out there to show that it can help to protect your eye sight and promote healthy ageing.

Have a look at the infographic above to learn about some more positive ways in which wine can actually be a healthy benefit to your lifestyle – just as long as you drink responsibly!

wine health benefits

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