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5 Tricks for Cooling Your Wine Quickly

27 Aug, 2018

Summer may be coming to a close, but the heat is here to stay. Unfortunately for us, a lukewarm wine is simply out of the question. And yet, waiting hours for your wine to chill in the fridge is much too time-consuming. For those moments when you need a quick fix, here are rounded five life hacks that will significantly cut down that wine-chilling time.

5 Tricks for Cooling Your Wine Quickly

Submerge the wine bottle in a bucket filled with ice and salt

The ice in the bucket makes sense, but why the salt? Much like with unpaved roads in the wintertime, salt helps the ice melt, thus putting your wine to rest in an icy bath. This method is by far the fastest for cooling an entire bottle of wine, with some people boasting that their bottle was chilled in under 5 minutes.

Let the bottle sweat on the table after you’ve poured everyone’s first glass; the aromas and flavors of the wine will change as its temperature changes, which I love.

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Drop frozen grapes in your wine

This method is so fun and yummy that its simply one of the best. You’ve got your choice of green grapes for your white wine and purple grapes for your red wine, so go nuts! For an even classier trick, pop some frozen champagne grapes into your glass of rosé. Then, make sure to Instagram that pic, so that all of your friends know you are a sophisticated drinker.

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Wrap the wine bottle in a damp dishcloth and pop it in the freezer

This option will chill your wine in about 20-30 minutes, making it one of the slower, but still effective options. Much like submerging the wine bottle in a bucket filled with ice, this method cools the entire wine bottle, making it an excellent choice for when you have guests. For an even simpler solution, the dishcloth can be substituted for moist paper towels, which will work just as well.

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Use a wine chilling wand

The aesthetics alone of this sleek option make the wine chilling wand awesome, but the fact that this simple tool can frost a glass of wine in around 2-3 minutes is a revelation.

The wand sits comfortably in any glass of wine, with a hook that hangs on the lip of the glass for easy handling. It can be used up to 4 times in one sitting, so go ahead and blow through that whole bottle!

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Wine Chilling Wand, Bergo Designs




Make Frosé

Frosé has quickly become an international phenomenon, but you can do the same basic slushy recipe for white and red wine as well. And my goodness, they are good! Wine slushies are the perfect way to beat the summer heat. All you need is the wine of your choice, ice, and a reliable blender, but I recommend adding frozen fruit to this delectable concoction for even tastier results.

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