5 Pawsitively Perfect Cocktails for National Dog Day

06 Sep, 2018

For a dog-person, August 26th this year was more exciting than Christmas! If drinking dog-themed cocktails is more up your street than giving them to your dog (seriously – read our piece on wine for cats), then toast your furry, four-legged friend with these canine-inspired cocktails. Although your dog may prefer bones and butt-scratches, these doggone good cocktails are sure to please even the most devout cat person.

Hound Dog 

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but bourbon is a close second. Show your appreciation for both with a batch of these sweet-and-spicy hound dog cocktails. The warmth of whiskey complements fresh peach and ginger in this balanced recipe. Each flavour profile plays with taste, sight, and smell – senses that hunting hounds themselves are famous for. No need to hunt down this recipe though, find it here.


Salty Dog

Salty Dog

Salty Dog. Credit: cookierookie.com 

Swap the orange juice in a screwdriver for grapefruit juice, and you have a Greyhound. Salt the rim, and it becomes a Salty Dog cocktail. Two dog-themed drinks with one amazing, tart finish that works with gin or vodka. This refreshing sip of citrus is great for lounging with your pooch on the last days of summer. See this simple recipe here.

Colorado Bulldog

Colorado Bulldog

Credit: ramshacklepantry.com  

Reminiscent in texture of a root beer float, this creamy cocktail will take you back to your puppy days! A Colorado Bulldog is the unexpectedly delicious result of adding a splash of cola to a White Russian. The sweet soda, rich coffee liqueur, and smooth cream blend together to form a fizzy finish that is fun to drink and even more fun to share. Surprise your friends with this recipe.

Black Dog

You already met the salty dog… but what about its sweet counterpart? Although maintaining the elements of grapefruit and a clear spirit base, the black dog is an entirely different breed of cocktail. The addition of simple syrup and muddled blackberries distinguishes this dog-themed drink in both look and flavor. A finish of sugar on the rim provides an extra lick of sweetness missing from the salty dog. Black cats are bad luck, but a round of black dog cocktails will end any night on a high note! Follow along with the recipe here.

Hair of the Dog Breakfast Margaritas

As luck would have it, National Dog Day falls on the day after Whiskey Sour Day. If the morning greets you with a killer hangover, let this breakfast margarita come to the rescue. This alternative to a Bloody Mary is a savory, spicy cure full of carrot juice, citrus elements, and a jalapeño kick. Enjoy this “hair of the dog” for a boozy boost that will spark a bright start to any day of celebration. Find the full recipe here.

Raise a toast to dogs everywhere with these drinks, and let us know which one deserves best in show!


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