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10 Best Wine Gadgets for 2018

05 Feb, 2018

There are so many wine gadgets out there nowadays, that it can sometimes be hard to filter out the ones that are useless and the ones that actually work. To help you out, here is a list of our 10 favourite wine gadgets for 2018. Watch this space to see videos of these gadgets in action!

Coravin Model Two Wine System


The Coravin Model Two gives wine lovers the freedom to pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork. Whether you want a sip, a glass, or more, your last glass will taste just as amazing as your very first. Model Two is the Coravin standard, featuring the perfect balance between elegant design and durable craftsmanship. Textured rubber grips and ergonomic lines, ensure a flawless experience with every pour. Includes 2 Coravin Capsules to pour up to 30 glasses of wine.

Buy one here.

Photo Credit: Coravin.

Üllo No-Hangover Wine Purifier


The Üllo Wine Purifier is rumoured to be able to cure wine-related hangovers by removing the sulphites added to wine. According to statistics, millions of wine drinkers are allergic to sulphites, which can cause bloating, headaches, asthma-like symptoms and more. The Üllo Wine Purifier was created to solve this issue so that you can enjoy a glass (or three) of wine without worrying about the morning after.

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Eto Decanter


This futuristic trumpet-looking decanter aims to keep your wine perfect without wasting a drop. By pouring your wine into this decanter, you open up it up, releasing its flavour before oxygenating it when you pour it into a glass. You can then easily seal the decanter to preserve the wine and store it in the fridge until the next time you need it!

Pre-order your own Eto Decanter here.



ZEbag is a bag that can be used to carry, to store as well as to present bottles. It can transform itself in a jiffy depending on your needs, turning into a wine-rack, a portable bar, or a vertical display! It can hold up to 6 bottles, which are protected thanks to ZEbag’s internal padding and rigid partitions, and the bag’s materials can keep bottles relatively chilled for up to a couple of hours.

Buy ZEbag here.

Zzysh Wine Preserver


Unlike conventional wine preservers, the zzysh® Wine Preserver does not simply create a vacuum, but also replaces the harmful air and oxygen in a bottle with 100% food-grade argon gas. This Swiss innovation keeps your wine’s natural flavor and quality for weeks, and is highly recommended by wine experts all over the world.

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